Well, heres our current collection of screen caps [61]. I've had these with me since day one...which explains why they're shity quality! haha. Back when I first put this website up, I didn't know much about video capture. So I had to do things the hard-ass way. And thats why the quality of these pics look like homemovie-style. I've since "upgraded" my technologies...and I will have some brand spanking' new screen caps for ya shortly. I just need to get my copy of NOTD back from my roomate. *rolls eyes*. Just bare with me folks. If I need to do an "emergency rental" I will (although it got kinda embarrassing the last time I rented it at my local video store because the check-out dude was all like, "uh, the computer says you've rented this 9 nine times", and I'm all like, "so", and hes all like, "oh, ok then". And then I paid for the damn movie, and we went our seperate ways. the end) haha. true story.

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