Above is a picture of me and my dog Timber. Ain't he just adorable??

Welcome to my page here you will find out information on me and my friends.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and chattin' on the net. I am also currently playing a game called Majestic it's a very fun game!

04/05/02 Well I'm still here. I didn't end up joing after all. I guess that they didn't really need me. So anyway I will be updating this site as much as I can. Give me suggestions on what you think I should add. Ok??

Here is a short list of ways to get a hold of me.

  • AIM: NghtHntrJes
  • ICQ: 5594019
  • MSN: [email protected]
  • Yahoo!: Shrapnel_97 or NightHunterX

  • My links page.
    My MP3s list.

    For a list of my bands songs and info on my band go to
    The Wolf Pack's Den

    Some of my friends
    Here you can see my
    The Sims Page.
    Canada411 directory

    See me live on my webcam.View My Webcam

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