Welcome to my world
Enter  in with open mind and kind heart.  Here your dreams will take you far and love will always linger in the midst.  Enjoy my little space and as you read my work, take what you desire to draw a smile,  leave  this place with dreams and fantasies in your  soul.   The most important thing to always remember is:
                        Dream the Dreamer's Dream


-NightCry- is my pen name, as well as the very being that exists within.  I am but one soul enroute to my destiny.  This chosen name is not one of sorrow or pain.  To truly understand  NightCry one must close their eyes, open their mind and heart, release the worldly ties and driftThe night carries many mysteries  and sounds, feelings and emotions.  Listen with your soul and feel it with your heart.

I am the whisper in the trees that stir your wunderlust, I am the voice  in the night that calls you, I am the silouette  that stands in the shadows and beckons, I am the one that from eons past reach out and  kiss your fears away, I am.......

The steps to my soul are open and wide.  Follow the path of the Night as she cried.  Linger amidst the passions that flare.  Walk softly thru some pain that lies there. 

...and  here are the steps of my soul......................
       Minutes                I Am         Deep Within        Dream Dancer

My Darkest Thoughts        Dreamers           Dreamers-Part 2

D      rDreamers-Part 3-The Last 3 Lines         My Own World

       My Wish of all Wishes           Tonka             Thinking of You

       Little Eagle Woman        So Much of Life        Night People

       Midnight Mirage     Puddled Reflections     I am...the Night

              The Night...she cries                   The Night...she comes

The Night...Pandoras Box                Oh the Night...she dreams

Child...of the Night    For the love of...Night   The Night...breathes

The Night...passion released

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