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Random Music Facts

Alice In Chains appears in the movie "Singles" as the bar band. The k-mart version of in utero features the "out-of-print" remix of pennyroyal tea instead of the original The import version of in utero features gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip Outcesticide originally came with a letter that was disontinued after kurt killed himself.

These are the meanings behind songs by Nirvana:

Lithium -Is a first person narrative of a nervous breakdown, oran update of the Marxist description of religion as 'Opiate of the masses'.An ode to disconnection

Serve the Servants - An autobiographical song about the wholeNirvana experience, the 'witch hunt' on Courtney Love, and a sarcasticresponse to the emphasis placed on the divorce of Kurt's parents Dumb - Ignorance is bliss. There is a certain care-free happinessinvolved in being dumb. Drug related themes dominate the song Pennyroyal Tea - A song about making a tough decision and thedifficult choices around it and the guilt following it. Pennyroyal Teais an abortive substance



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