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Down With Facebook: Long Live DIY

Feb 3, 2008 by NicSco

I'm sick of facebook, myspace and livejournal. I figured it was time to get back into making my own space on the internet (with the help of the amazing open source community of designers and programmers of course - if creativity isn't social than what is it? - not fucking corporate that's for sure!). So here I am with my first website in a very long time! Gone are the days of geocities and this is meangelfire.

I intend on using this site to highlight the going-ons in my life, promote the things I believe in and present some of the work I am doing that I would like to share. Hi mom!

I really enjoy the design of this site and I hope you do too! It could use a heart though. Oh well. Someday I will learn how. Until then I will be busy posting links and things I want to share. YAY!

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