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Nico's HTML Reference Chart


<HTML Tags>

HTML instructions are enclosed by tags <tag> </tag>
This language is not case sensitive

<HTML> </HTML> Used to mark the start and end of a document
<Title> </title> Document Title
<Head> </head> Mark the start and end of document head
<Body> </body> Mark the start and end of the document body

<Text Formatting>

<H1> ………<.H6> </h1> ……………<./h6> Headline <h1>=largest <h6>=smallest
<B> </b> Bold
<I> </I> Italic
,U> </u> Underline
<Strike </strike> Strikeout
<Em> </em> Emphasise
<Big> </big> Big
<Var> </var> Var text
<Listing> </listing> Tiny text font
<Sub> </sub> Subscript
<Sup> </sup> Superscript
<Br>   Single line break
<P>   Paragraph double line break
<!--   Comment
<Font> </font>  
  Size=1 to 7 or +3 or –5 etc  
  Color=#RRGGBB in hex  
<Hr> Size="120" Horizintal rule

We will now assume that you realize all tags are inclosed between two angular brackets < >


UL /ul Un-orderd list (bullets)
OL /ol Ordered list (numbers)

Definition Lists

DL /dl Mark the start and end of the definition list
DT /dt Definition list Term (text replacing bullet)
DD /dd Definition list Definition (list item)


Table /table Marks the start and end of the table
TH /th Table heading
Caption /caption Adds a table caption
Table Border /table border Adds a border to the table
TR /tr Marks table rows
TD /td Marks table columns



<td> "collumn1" </td> <td> "collumn2" </td> <td> "collumn3" </td>



Optional Table Parameters
<table Width=200


Bgcolor=#RRGGBB yellow=#FFFF00


Table width


Background colour

Table alignment

Adding images to documents

<IMG SRC="\MyFolder\MyPic.gif"


(This is how hyperlinks are created)

A /a The anchors
Href=   Hypertext Reference
Href="URL"   Enclosed text becomes a clickable link
Href="#Label"   Enclosed text becomes a clickable link to a label on the same document
Href="URL#Label"   Enclosed text becomes a clickable link to a label on the another document
Adding Images to document hyperlinks
<IMG SRC="URL of graphic Pic" >  
Adding a hyperlink to a binary file
<A Href="URL of my" >  
Adding alternate text (Alternative text to the Picture for browsers that don’t load images )
<IMG SRC="URL of graphic Pic" ALT "This is the alternate text" >


There is a similarity between HTML forms and VB Forms
You can place similar components onto them

    VB Equivalent
Form /form  
Input text <input type="text" name="Your Name"

size="36" maxlength="90">

Text Area <textarea name="Postal Address"

rows="5" cols="95" > </textarea>

Multi-line textbox
Radio <input type="radio" name="Department"


Option Button
Checkbox <input type="checkbox" name="Male"


Dropdown Menu <select> Start of dropdown menu

<option Selected> default value

<option> transformer

</select> end of dropdown




Button <input type="button" value="ButtonCaption">

<input type="button" value="Press Me"

                         onclick="VBScriptSubName" >

<input type="button" value="Press Me"
                         onclick="JavaScriptFunctionName( )" >

Submit Button <input type="submit">

<input type="submit" value="Send Now OK" >

Reset Button <input type="reset" >

<input type="reset" value="Clear the Form" >

Action <form action=" mailto:abc"


Makes the submit button email the form

Sub Command1_Click
Method <form method="post"

action ="CGI-BIN/mailme"

Make the submit button email the form using mailme CGI method

Sub Command1_Click
Subject When using mailto you can preset the subject

<form name="testform" method="POST"

action="mailto:[email protected]?subject=URL submission for PCC web page"

onsubmit="return mailMe( this.form )" enctype="multipart/form-data">





Adding Sound to your Web Page

There comes a time when you want search engines to hit your page this is the mechanism to do that

<A Href="URL of my SoundFile.mid" > Adding a hyperlink to a sound file
<Embed SRC="URL of my SoundFile.wav" >

    additional commands

                             width="180" hight="90"

Embeding the sound file

Start playing the sound automatically
Repeat the sounf file continuously
Hide the sound display
<Embed SRC="URL of my SoundFile.wavwidth="180" hight="90" 
                            autostart="true"  loop="true" hidden="true" >




There comes a time when you want search engines to hit your page this is the mechanism to do that

<meta name= "Nico's HTML Reference Chart" The Name of your Page
content="SQL,VB,Visual,Basic,Gauteng,South,African,Pretoria The key words for search engine queries


Adding VB Script to your web page

Script To  code  VB Script  into your web page

<Script Language="VBScript">
              ' Your VBS   Code goes here
              Public Sub VBScriptSubName( ) 
                    '   Sub Code goes here......
              End Sub


See VB Script Page



Adding Java  Script to your web page

Script To  code  Java Script  into your web page

<Script Language="JavaScript">
              ' Your Java Script   Code goes here
              function JavaScriptFunctionName( )
                   //......function code goes here




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