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September 26, 1981 - June 25, 1998

This page is a celebration of the love we have for our wonderful 16 year old daughter, Nicolette, who died as the result of massive internal head injuries suffered in a drunk driving crash which occurred approximately a mile from our home on June 21, 1998. As is often the case, Nicolette was the only fatality and the only completely sober person involved in this one vehicle crash.

She had asked her boyfriend to give her a ride home, but he told her he hadn't been expecting her and told her he couldn't drive because he had drunk a couple of beers. Upon overhearing the conversation, another young man, a "good" friend, offered her a ride which she accepted. Unbeknownest to her, he had been drinking - all evening. Just a mile from home and twenty minutes before her curfew, our beautiful 6'1", 145 lb. daughter was thrown nearly 100 feet landing in an oak tree that had to be cut down by rescue personnel to extricate her. The vehicle had left the road at over 76 miles an hour and had flipped four to five times. The first rescue person on the scene to reach her said she responded with a grunt and nod when asked if she could hear him. She was life-flighted to the hospital over an hour away, miraculously survived four days allowing those that loved her to tell her goodbye. She, however, was unable to say her goodbyes.

She was an incredibly gifted young woman who died a horrendous and terrifying death. The 17 year old young man who killed her accepted a plea bargain of five years in prison and ten years probation. He, to this day, does not believe he was drunk. He believes his .11 BAC was just a little over the Florida legal limit of .08. Of course, what he fails to mention is his BAC was drawn over three hours after the crash. He suffered a broken leg, collapsed lung and landed near his vehicle. He was discharged from the hospital the day of her funeral.

The other young man, age 22, in the vehicle, suffered two broken legs, broken shoulder, broken occipital bone, and several internal abdominal injuries from which he has recovered. According to the drunk driver, this young man bought and consumed alcohol with him all evening. The assistant state attorney believes the supplier of the alcohol has suffered enough and has chosen not to prosecute.

We hope this site will help make all people understand that driving impaired and/or suppling alcohol to minors is unforgivable and senseless. Please check back in the future to view an expanded site.

Thank you to all that attended and helped with the candlelight vigil in Nicolette's honor on June 21, 1999. It was comforting to know so many of you keep her in your hearts.

/Heartland/Trail/4186/GoldLgDot.gif MEMORY BOOK ARCHIVES I & II & III - You must use this link to visit the archived entries in Nicolette's Memory Books.
/Heartland/Trail/4186/GoldLgDot.gif This is a touching site honoring Adam Singleton, also from Citrus County, Florida, who died in a drunk driving crash which occured June 7, 1998, exactly two weeks earlier. Ironically, they may have known one another, as they had several mutual friends.
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