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May 1, 2003-

Ok I've been getting flack for not updating. So here it goes. Last month wasn't that eventful, hence the lack of updates. We basically hung out. I quit playing DAOC for awhile so I could catch up with life.  I'm thinking about getting Alex into T ball or soccer this summer. I just found out that Kaite , Lisa and Nola are going to be arriving somewhere around the 15'th of June so I'm slammed with trying to find room for everyone and getting stuff ready for her visit. ie..gotta put away the porn! ok just kidding. My Mom wants me to come and visit her this month. Things are a bit tight though so I don't know if I'll be able to. I really can't wait to go camping. I think about that everyday. .. wonder when it's going to be warm enough to camp.

So my birthday is in 3 days. I'm facing the crisis of getting older, and I'm wondering where my 20's went. It seems like yesterday that I was just 22. 25-29 has definately been a blur. They say that happens when you have kids. I'm not sure if I'm ready for 30. People say that 30 is better than the 20's. I guess I'll find out. Anyhow, I have a year to anguish over it. I guess I'll just have to use more clairol.. the gray is starting to appear faster than I can pluck it out. At this rate I'm going to go bald.

We're going to go see X-2 and have some mexican food for lunch for the birthday. Not doing anything special this year. I'll be with my family though and that's pretty important to me.  I do wish my Dad were around though. I talked to him today. Whenever I get that crazy Nicole's about to go psycho i can talk to my Dad and he makes me calm. He knows me better than anyone does :) 

Ok to all of you wonderful people from 8d! I promise to start playing again soon! just not yet.  I'm just not ready to go through that level grind day after day again yet. But  you know that I adore you all and I'll be happy to hang with you again.

With that said. I'll update again when I have more news. :) Until then.. good day, good night and good bye!
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March 31, 2003  11:10 PM

Egads I'm the worst person when it comes to udating.. Lllaaaaazzzy. So anyhoo I'm completely drunk on Champage right now.  It's my 3rd anniversary Woohoo I made it 3 years. Gooooo Me!  I remember the day we got married.. 2 double shots and a ceremony later I was married. It was a good day. Hopefully sooner or later we can go back to Vegas and celebrate. That would be fab!

So my Dad is coming into town in the next few days. I'll be happy to see him. Always good to see the Dad unit. I love him so much :) I miss him alot now that he's not here. But he's happy with his new family. They're really nice people.

Hmmm what else is going on?? I'm playing alot of DAOC and my Sims. I'm a house building freak! I have downloaded over 200 files for the object, walls and floors. Maybe I should go into interior decorating??  Alex is so happy with his new ocmputer. He digs playing all of his games whenever he wants. I swear he's going to be a computer nerd :) But that's cool because so is mommy and daddy.

I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grampa.. Tomorrow is his big day! Much love to you!!

Next month is going to be kind of big. We're going to start Alex's adoption and get alot of stuff taken care of. Then it's totally buckling down to save for Disney. God I can't wait for that.  I haven't been doing much in the way of planning, but I keep getting good information on plane tickets and whatnot. We'll do our taxes this year and next year we've estimated that we'll get almost 3k back. That's going to help alot in the way of getting there and getting the stuff we want while we're there. I'm trying to convince James now that we need to stay at the Polynesian. I just love the ambiance of that place.

I am going to look into getting Alex into soccer for the summer. I'm pretty excited about that and we just got confirmation that Katie (our niece) is going to come for the summer. I want to take her camping and so on and so forth. I'm pretty happy about that :) She's going to get so spoiled this weekend. We need to re-arrange the place a little for her though.

Well that's it for now except that we're happy and well. Take care until next time!
March 15, 2003 9:44 am

Yeah I know it's been 10 days since the last update! I wanted to wait til I had a bit to say before I updated again. Christine reminded me yesterday and I needed to get my ass on the ball and just do it. God I'm so lazy.

Ok Since I last chatted it up not too many things have happened. But a few keys things have.. so I'll start with those and work my way down.

James ordered a new PC from Dell. It should ship on Monday. I was really hoping that the new one would be mine this time, but I'm going to get his 850 and we're giving Alex mine. He really likes the idea of having his own pc. He keeps talking about how he's going to play his games and I can't use it. *snicker* if he only knew.

I have been dicking around with my Sims lately. I really like designing the houses and since I got Hot Date, I've been designing downtown lots too. I'm getting kinda good at making floors and wall papers. I may just open up a Sim site with my items as downloads! I haven't built up enough of a collection yet though. I'm pondering it though.

We can't seem to keep DVD's. I don't know what the deal is. So last night James brought home a new Phillips DVD player. This one has progressive scanning and can play VCD's and SVCD's. That's pretty cool. We'll move the old one into our room so Alex can watch his movies if we're out here watching something else. And nothing better than spending Girlie day in bed watching chick flicks.

I talked to my Dad last week and he said that he was interested in going to DW with us. I need to get my shit together and send everyone the information that I have. Still no word from Carrie.  Deb and Jim also said last week that they were planning on coming with us. I think that will be great. But you know me, the more the merrier.

ok I have  a little guy who wants to give me hugs and kisses so I gots to go.  I promise to try to keep up with the updates.

Much love!
March 4th, 2003  - 6:25 pm

I spent nearly the entire day scanning bar codes. Grandma got Alex a dinosaur game that requires scan codes to give the dinos power. On a good note I scanned our DVD Collection. Since I was doing that I figured I'd do the DVD profiler while I was at it. So the day was a little productive. We have a few out atm on loan, but we're sitting at about 160. Not too bad. I know that we have alot that we still want. And we are starting to convert the old VHS over to DVD. So fairly soon we'll have a pretty large collection. The link to see what DVD's we have is to the left.

I talked to my Dad on the phone last night. He's not going to have to come out to COS for a year. Good for his marriage, bad for me :( I miss him and would love to give him a big hug.  He talked to Linda his wife and asked her if she wanted to go to DW with us. She said it's a good possibility that they will. It's all about the flow. If they have it they will go. Well and her kids may be in school. I do hope that they come though.

James is getting what Alex has. I swear we just keep passing it around. This time I'm going to pass on my turn. I'd like to be healthy again.  Looking out the window I see that it's starting to snow again. Yay

Smallville is tonight. I'm pretty stoked to see it. After last week's episodes, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving this show. I really do hope that Chris Reeves becomes a regular.  I was reading the RAG on the new Superman movie. They keep saying that Tom Welling isn't a contender for the part of Superman, but I have to be honest. He's the logical choice as far as I'm concerned.  It's all about height, bulk and Jawline. Well and he does have a fabulous smile!

I had a dream last night that had Michael Rosenbaum in it. (Lex Luthor ; Smallville) He was James' best friend. He laughed at me when James wouldn't give me a job. I think I'm going fairly nutso.  But then again, when wasn't I fairly nutso.

James starts doing double classes tomorrow night. So instead of the 1 every 5 weeks he's got two now. Thank God he's doing them online. I don't think we'd ever see him otherwise. I am glad that he's able to double up though. This will put him at his Bachelors at the end of this year now instead of another tacked on.  Let's hear it for more freedom!
March 3, 2003 - 4:06pm

Sorry bout the no updates for awhile. I swear to God we've had the black plague come down on our house over the last week. I think we're finally starting to come around though. So let's see. What's happened in the last week.

We had Alex's birthday party on Saturday. 6 screaming kids running all over the place. Thankfully we had it at Deb and Jim's or we'd never had made it. Next year we're definately doing Chuck E Cheese's or something. Will post pics of that soon. He made out like a bandit of course. And he was thrilled with everything that he got. Thanks to everyone that came.

I talked to me my mom yesterday and she wants Alex to come out and spend a week with her. Hmm I dunno if I could let him go that far for that long. I'm going to have to negotiate.

I haven't heard from my Dad or my sister Carrie about going to Disney World with us. Guess we're going it alone. That's ok. It will be a great family vacation with lots of lazing by the pool and running our silly legs off.

I've been playing a ton of DAoC of course. I just hit lvl 26 with my Mercenary (thank you Darmist) I had a hella good time today.

Alex is currently talking my head off. I'm thinking maybe a week off wouldn't be so bad LOL.

James started his 401k today. I think we're going for the S&P Index. We've actually learned alot from playing HSX. So we're really looking forward to some hardcore investing once we get our bills paid off.

OMG I totally forgot! BEST EPISODE of Smallville ever last week. Chris Reeves was on.  I literally cried. They played the whole superman music. It was fantastic! WTG guys!
Monday February 24, 2003
Good morning! I realized that again I've gone nearly a week without updating. Terrible me! Not alot new has been happening. I did get James to switch DAOC servers so we could play together.  That has upped our time actually doing something together.

Alex's birthday party is next week. We're braving chuck e cheeses and doing a spongebob squarepants theme. I'll post pictures of the whole ordeal on his page after we're done. He decided that there weren't going to be any girls allowed. He's in the girls have cooties phase and I can't seem to get him out of that.

Talked to my mom for a few hours last week. found out that my sister Carrie is going to be stationed in Florida during the time we're going to be there for Disney. With any luck we'll be able to hook up at least one day.

We looked over some details that were sent to us by a travel agent. It looks like it's going to be more cost efficient to buy annual passes and book the hotel seperately. You get up to 45% off rooms with the pass. That will save us about a grant actually. Woo more money to blow!

We're talking to Lisa now about have Katie (James' niece well mine too) come out for a bit during the summer. I think we'll have a blast. You know me, always wanted a little girl to fuss over. Granted she is 10 but she's still adorable! I really hope she can come for a visit.

Ok.. I need to hook the playstation up to our bedroom TV. Alex says that his tv is too little. (sigh) I'm totally wrapped.

Everyone have a great day!
February 18th 2003-
5:33 pm.-  Okie dokie, I know that I haven't been updating regularly, but I really don't lead that much of an interesting life sooo.. I figure every couple of days should give me enough to fill a few paragraphs.  So here goes... We've changed the Disney trip to November 2004. I'd really like my Dad to come with his new family so I'm shooting off an email to him as soon as I'm done here.  Alex still asks everyday if we're going lol. With any luck that will slow down. His birthday is in 3 weeks and he's gearing up for the toys that we've been promising. If anyone is looking for gift ideas. He's really into Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob right now. We of course are getting him the Optimus Prime transformer that we've been promising him since Christmas. Hopefully he'll have a great birthday. You only turn 4 once.
James and I went to see Daredevil for Valentines day. It rocked. We may even go and see it again. Afterwards we went to Hops and had lunch. Then on to Bestbuy where we picked up a few movies and another game for me. I figure if I have an offline game and an online game I'm set for entertainment.
We were all pretty sick this weekend so we didn't do much else besides sleep alot and try to get better.
Yesterday was pretty nice and relaxing. We did watch the final episode of Joe Millionaire. I was pretty stoked that he picked Zora. I wish I had made a bet in Vegas since she was the longshot. And who knew that they would give them a mil. Reality tv at it's best. I'm glad the show is over now though so I can get on with my non-reality show mantra.
I spent the entire day grocery shopping it seems. That's what happens though when you put it off and put it off. On a good note though I cleaned out the panty, freezer and some of the fridge that James didn't get. With any luck I won't have to go big shopping again for another month. One can only hope.
Well I'm off to email my Dad and play Alex's dino game with him. Hope everyone has a good week!
February 13, 2003 1:26 am. - I've been bad this week and have not updated at all. So here's the skinny. Talked to my Dad on monday, he may come to COS for a year. Feel sorry for Linda and the kids :( been through that, it sucked. Finally started writing again. I'm on a roll.. hopefully it will last. Alex is singing his abc's like a pro now.. although half the time he skips v-z :) Gotta love the kid. Need to remember to ask Dad if he's interested in going to DW. Maybe November now <sigh> the things we do for the ones we love. Kicking ass in BG. Love DAOC now more than ever.. wish Nam would get some flow so he could play too.  James is sick..(from work) therefore guaranteed I'll be sick i na  day or so.. I hate my immune system. It blows.. I DEMAND a new body! Dying to go camping. Can't wait in fact. I'm primed to hit the woods and write! Ok that's it. Peace!
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