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Alex's Page!
You're one stop shop for information on the most precocious child to hit the streets since  Calvin (Formerly of Calvin & Hobbes)
Most recent notable quote: Kick him in the jewels Dad! (this refers to James' playing DAOC and fighting monsters. Don't ask me where he got that one!
Age: Almost 4! He was born on March 5, 1999 at 5:14 pm after months of trying to get out.
Favorite person of the month: His Gramma of course although if you ask him he'll say his Daddy is his bestest friend (well next to ty ty)
Hobbies: Include watching cartoons and playing with his dinosaurs. He's currently working us for a baby puppy which he swears he'll take for walks, feed and even pick up the poop. (yeah riiiight) For those of you out there who can't for the life of them figure out what to get him for his birthday, He is lovin Transformers right now. Although you can always count on a happy happy with a T-Rex anything.
These pictures are obviously the pre-shave era. I did the worst possible thing a mother could do to her son. Yes, I cut his hair. One move and the clippers buzzed his head. Unfortunately for me, the next day I had to go to the store. I stuck a hat on him and went. After 10 minutes of asking me for a toy, I ask why I should get one for him. His answer was to rip off his hat and scream at the top of his lungs " BECAUSE YOU CUT OFF ALL OF MY HAIR!"
He's a con artist at 3!
Don't you love that smile?
Halloween 2002 - He was Sulley..soo scary!
Alex has become very competitive lately. He's very proud of his big muscles and his goal in life is to grow up and be big and strong like Daddy. If only I could get him to eat!

The first thing he does when he gets into the house is strip down to his shorts. Actually that's what he does everywhere. We can't keep his clothes on him. I've though of stapling them to him but isn't that child abuse?  My biggest prayer is that when we put him into school we won't get the call "Mrs. Hamlett? We need you to come and pick your son up.. we found him streaking nekkid down the hall."
Alex's Fave Websites
Disney's Playhouse Pollie Ollie is his favorite!
The Lego Website He likes the Dinosaur Dig game the best!
Nickelodean Website It's all about Spongebob Squarepants!
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