O-town is another one of my favorite groups. Ashley is my #1 favorite one. I haven't been to their concerts YET, but HOPEFULLY i'll be going soon! i wouldn't mind meeting them either! This is an OLD school picture of them! I think Jacob looks cuter here than he does now! 
Erik Michael Estrada. he was born september 23, 1979. He's a cutie, and his voice is adorable! I  classify him as my 2nd favorite.
Ashley Parker Angel is my #1 fave. he was born august 1, 1981. This is an adorable picture of him!
Doesn't he look HOT like this? I sure do think so!
He looks cute in a hat.
Awww how cute! I wonder how old he is?
Wakie Wakie
"Hey look! we're on the cover!!!"
trevor penick. he's sooo funny and sexy! i classify him as my 3rd fave
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