Backstreet Boys
I went to their concert and i've loved them for the longest time!!! Nick and Brian are my two favs.  I hope to one day meet them and thank them for all the things they have done for me.  I will aways be a fan no matter what people say about them.
Nick and Brian. These two backstreet boys were the first two that i fell in love with! i have ALOT in common with Nick. My best friend Mary and I act like Nick and Brian when ever we're together.
Howie at the Wango Tango 2001. I wanted to go to that concert, but my buddy didn't buy me any tickets! Howie is the 4th backstreet boy that I fell in love with!
Kevin at a Black n Blue concert. I went to  the March 14th one. It was my first backstreet boys concert. I had ALOT of fun! Kevin was the 3rd backstreet boy that i fell in love with!
i won these awards!
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