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   Well, I'm glad that you took the time to check out this page.  I know what your thinking and yes, I am unreal.  As you can see I am not 35 years old, I am not thrice divorced and do not live in a VAN down by the river.  Actually, I am 21 years old, go to University Of Victoria and excel at such passtimes as partying and watching Vancouver Canucks hockey games. 
I've been REALLY lazy lately, hence the lack of updates.  Now I have an excuse though.  My scanner is broken like a Russian car so its not my fault.  I'll see if I can remedy the situation.

Check out those Nucks, they are garenteed cup this year!!!
Summer 2001 pictures!!!
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Craiggers would like to welcome everyone to this site with a friendly wave!  His pleasant demeanor and well sculpted hair contribute volumes to an already spectacular and impressive webpage.  MMM hmmmmm
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There is always more solidarity coming to this page, so strap it to your favourites and hang on.  It's a beauty, don't forget to sign the guest book.  NICK
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