You could visit these interesting sites:
Address Description Comments Official I.O.G.K.F. site A lot of information about Goju-Ryu. Most interesting is schedule of forthcoming events. Patrick McCarthy's site A lot of information about karate-do and McCarthy's own style Koryu-Ryu. Most interesting is offer of perfect books about martial arts. Patrick McCarthy is author of several excellent books. These books definitely must be read by anyone who studies karate-do.

Ukraine Jundokan Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate-do and Ryukyu kobudo Federation. Sports club "Fudosin".

Moscow Kyokushin Karate Center Russian-language only site with premium desing. A lot of photos. Site of Naha Karate Club Naha Karate Club is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sensei Genaro Liriano is a memeber of I.O.G.K.F. Canada. OTGKA, England The website of the OTGKA headed by Sensei George Andrews, 7th Dan in England. A useful resource for history, courses and interesting articles on a variety of topics. Sheffield Hallam Dojo, England The website of Sheffield Hallam Dojo, England. The site has excellent information on history, kata and IOGKF country links. IFK "Atemi", S-Petersburg, Russia Website of Kyokushin-kay Club IFK "Atemi" S-Petersburg, Russia. Website is guided by Alexei Volkov.
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