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Date News
14th July 2000 We have moved into our new house in Somerville. It is located more in the suburbs rather than the busy downtown area. You can see trees, hear birds singing etc which is a relief from all the noise and concrete. The new contact details on on the contact section of the website. 

We have had a long stretch of glorious sunshine for the whole month but Jenn and myself have been working 12 hour days and have been too busy to make the most of it. Jenn's Hebrew class is fantastic but the homework takes up all free time. Jenn is also working for me in my site development team building html screens. 

I have added a few more photos to the gallery today so head over there and check them out.

3rd June 2000 If you have not seen it all ready, check out the Feytrix Gallery. We have just got a digital camera and we will try and update the site with images from our journeys.
16th May 2000 We have been here a week now and Boston is beginning to feel like home. We have been busy exploring the city of Boston and around Cambridge where we will both be living and working/studying. It has been warm and sunny for the last few days which has transformed the place. We have sorted out lots of the moving over bits and pieces, bank accounts, social security numbers etc and are going to buy a couple of bicycles to help get us around. We have decided to put off buying a car as the roads are insane in the city and there is nowhere to park it! The public transport system is really great here and cheap so there is no real need for a car anyway.

We have been to Boston harbour which is famous for having cups of tea and parties. There was an historical event there, something to do with the Americans not liking British taxis, which is amazing as I would much rather get a ride in a London taxi than one these Bostonian cabs...

15th May 2000 We have a PC set up here now, so we have some new contact details:

E-mail: [email protected]

ICQ number: 74217993.

Keep in touch!

9th May 2000 Our Flight leaves for Boston.
6th May 2000 We check out the Millennium Dome - great fun, a 'must see'. We recommend an evening session when most of the kids have gone home.
4th May 2000 Nick and Jenn leave Reading and will be staying in Essex until we fly out. Contact details:

77 Benets Road
RM11 3PT
Tel: 01708 509359
20th April 2000 Address details for Cambridge (until 15th July):

Apt 828 Museum Towers
10 Museum Way
MA 01238
Tel: 001 (617) 945-1023
18th April 2000 Nick gets his Permanent Immigration Visa approved.
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