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Oh yessss! Finally I've got some time to do my thing. So, yo all better hide 'coz Nick's back! Check out my new College website! Now I'm gonna find more FEIFERS out there so come back 4 updates!!!
What's new?You tell me! It's nice weather out there, I need to make a very important decision, and nowone seems to be helping me. Oh yeah,baby,that's your call...
More Feifers out there!!! I spend a lot of time doing the NEWBURY webpage so sorry for not updating this site so frequently. I'm trying do my best - instead of you!
Hi, my fans! For you it's easy-just serf the net and read but we,students,have to work and learn at the same time + update our sites,which is my case. But please keep coming back...
Nick Feifer's website. See my pics, cool links & many other things!!!
Ice Hockey season is in a full swing, which means late nights for me:) I promise that I will have a go at this site when I have time!!!
See the FEIFERS world wide search!
See the additional web site about the English course...
And here we go again. Ladies & gentelmen, X-mas is here! Shell we shoot the Father Xmas? That's the only way, we won't have to by any presents...
Hello all people out there. I'm glad you still come and visit my site! There's a site, which I have dedicated most of my time to :
http://Www.Geocities.Com/Access2party - you'll like it! :-)
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