This webpage shows all Feifers who were so kind and sent me a few lines about themselves.
You can check their webpages or e-mail them, if you want.

My search has begun on
2/5/2001 and every day I hope for another Feifer to turn up.
With your help we can trace our heritage and do something really big.
Who knows, we can throw Feifers' party sometimes or do whatever.

If you know about other Feifers please let me know.
There's more FEIFERS out there!
5 Jason Feifer, Massachusetts, USA
First contacted: 8/5/2001
Jason is 20 years old and was born in Coral Springs, Florida, goes to Clark University in Worcester.
Hobbies: plays bass and loves writing
2 Nick Feifer, Plzen, Czech republic
I'm 21 years old and was born in Plzen, Czech republic. I've been living in Newbury, Berkshire, England for 2 years now. I study here Networking and also the English.See my pics.
Hobbies: Computers, Music(hip-hop,R&B,R'N'R etc.), Ice Hockey, Kickboxing, Bodybuilding...
Pedigree: father - Antonin Feifer (1945), Czech republic; grandfather - Antonin Feifer (1898-1966), Czech republic !!!. His brother ? Feifer lived in Prague and worked as an Engineer.
Pedigree: great grandfather - Abraham, Russia !!!, father - Roy, USA
The truth is out there
3 Antonin Feifer, Stribro, Czech republic
Nick's 32 years old brother. Works for the SIEMENS company.
4 Zdenek Feifer, Horsovsky Tyn, Czech republic
Antonin's 7 years old son.
1 Antonin Feifer, Plzen, Czech republic
Antonin and Nick's 56 years old father. Born in the Czech republic. Lives in Plzen and works for the SKODA DOPRAVA s.r.o.
TOTAL number of F E I F E R S to 4/8/02:
x = number
e = e-mails or other ways of contact
F = Feifer
= Pound (currency)
113 e attempts so far.
Total costs: 55
Costs include: fuel, phone calls, stamps.
Costs do not include: time spent, Internet connection
1.49 /F
12 Theodore Feifer, Ph.D., Washington, DC, USA
Theodore is a program officer in the 'Institute's Training Program'.
13 Gregory Feifer, Massachusetts, USA
Gregory works for the Harward University.
14 Eric Anthony Feifer, Pennsylvania, Edwardsville, USA
Eric is a collections supervisor at Creditek, Wilkes-Barre.
15 Richard G. Feifer, Ph.D.,San Diego, USA
Richard works as a web designer.
3.05 e/F
7 Roy Feifer, Florida, USA
Roy is Jason and Jodi's father. He's 50 years old and works as a dentist.Lives in Coral Springs, Florida.
Hobbies: bikes, plays tennis, likes jogging and goes to the gym.
6 Jodi Feifer, Florida, USA
Jodi is Jason's 17 years old sister. Lives in Coral Springs, Florida. Goes to high school.
Hobbies: Music (rap, country) and does pole-vaulting.
8 Barbara Feifer, Florida, USA
Barbara is Roy's wife. Does a volunteer work - raising money to build schools and helps children with family problems. Lives in Coral Springs, Florida.
9 Ken Feifer, New York, USA
Ken is Roy's brother. Lives in Massapequa Park, New York.
10 Susan Feifer, New York, USA
Susan is Ken's wife. Lives in Massapequa Park, New York.
11 Jessica Feifer, New York, USA
Jessica is Ken's daughter. Lives in Massapequa Park, New York.
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