My Thoughts and Insights

not to mention poetry and the such.

         Alike their features and their robes of white;         
But one was crowned with amaranth, as with flame,
And one with asphodels, like flakes of light.
-from 'The Two Angels'
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

welcome to my page of collected works (mostly poetry) by myself and some of my friends, my thoughts (which havent been in my head for quite some time) and, as the title indicates, my insights (...) . if youre offended, by the content or just the fact that i Rarely capitalize (and sometimes in the most unique places), im deeply sorry. if youve noticed, i also dont use aposterphies and have atrocious spelling. if you care to join me, i welcome you.

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Oct 2, 2006 1 year. 3 more poems. so what. a paltry sum, and no frames for the main page. not that i think anyone reads this, so whatever. no frames, but since im my own doctor on the matter, i dont this ill perscribe it just yet. anyway, new poems start with the asteriks. cronological order as always, although that may change. oh, and the archived poem section (the one sans frames) will no longer be updated, becuase im a lazy bastard. email me if you dont like it.

Oct 24, 2005 its been a long time since ive written any poetry, but i have a new batch. as always, it is marked by an asteriks. i dont plan on doing any more than that. not right now anyway. im not sure when ill update again. probably when i write some more poetry, which is pretty likely. see you guys then.

June 22, 2004

well, its finally done. im out of high school and the poetry sections has frames. each took a very long time to complete, and it feels very good to get each off my chest. next update the entire site will have frames and there will be new poetry. until then, stay cool and sleep well!

April 30, 2004

i have no excuse. i am ashammed of myself. im a lazy bastard and desirve to be severly lashed. no use on dwelling on it though. ive added some old and some new poetry. i think i will update my thoughts in the next update or two. frames are also coming, and yes, i know ive been saying that for a very long time now. again, the newest poem is surrounded in asteriks. enjoy!

Jan 5, 2004

... i cant believe its 2004. its sad that i havent updated in two months. this cannot be tolerated. i must update. ive added four poems (a notably lacking update) and am currently looking for more that were lost to time. im going to find a scanner and add some of my art work. i dont know when, but if you have a scanner, email me! ok, ill be back soon, if just to say hallo.

Sep 30, 2003

well, this isnt actually an update, seeing as how i didnt add any new material to the site. i just wanted to let people know that i am still here and that there is new material on the way, including frames. as one is sure to notice, i change the layout of the title page. this is accompinied by correction on the poetry page, as well as on some of the others. i will update again soon, hopefull within the next week with new poetry and maybe some art if i can get to a scanner. just you wait...

August 13, 2003

two weeks... not too bad. ill try to be better, i just havent written all that much lately. the next update will most likely be a new layout, frames and all. till then, the newest poem will now have asterics (*) around it. happy reading!

July 24, 2003

alright, three updates in a single month. this is really awesome! ive added leslie to the list of other authors. however, thats all thats been updated. also, ive deleted the first two "update" messages, assuming that no one will care. and if you do care, email me! just look at the bottom of the page for the address.

July 15, 2003

awesome! only five days apart! thats encouraging. the other autors section has been updated with jacobs poems. that, sadly, is the only thing that has been updated. the next update will include some more of my own poetry, worry not!

July 10, 2003

yeah, im a lazy fuckin bum. oh well, a 4 month late update! about 5 poems were added to my poety, starting with My true blessing. plus, a new section, alberts poems is now up and running. enjoy! oh, and the next update will include some poetry for the talented jacob. dont worry, i promise that one will be here before the 20th of july! and that was a promise!

Feb. 19, 2003

update, yay! ... only, what, a three month wait? i really have to get better at this upkeep stuff. i didnt add that much poetry, but the other authors section is now up. as of yet, it is empty, but thats where you guys come in. my email is at the bottom of every page, so get mailing! by the way, the first new poem is summer wind

if you find any mistakes, from simple gramatical errors to huge holes in my logic please email me at [email protected] . also email me if you simply have a question for me in any regard. thanks for visiting and come back sometime.