Day 1: August 28, 2000.
Here's my Dad with my bike, just before I left at around 7:45 in the morning. I have not yet put the saddle bags on the bike. They would prove to be quite heavy. They also alter the bike's handling more than you might think.
Here are some people sea-doing in a river only 1 km or so East of Oshawa, in the mid-morning. seemed like an odd but nice scene, so I took the picture. Hey, anything for a quick break.
Here's an abandoned church in Wesleyville, about 30 km west of Port Hope. I was getting pretty hungry. No food here, but in absence of that, at least it was a nice place to rest!
Here is the Border of Colborne. I got here shortly after 5 p.m. after riding approximately 16 km for the day. The Bed + Breakfast (The Treasure House) was very very nice. However, I did not sleep well because i was extremely stiff and sore, which made it very hard to be comfortable. Furthermore, I was woken up several times by noisy trains. Long story short: I started day two feeling very lousy and having gotten only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Which is something less than optimal.
Onto Day Two!
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