Adam's long, painful, miserable, yet wonderful, Goodwood-Montreal bike trip!
I see you're interested in my little bike trip. Maybe you think it sounds crazy (or stupid). Well, I think it's not such a bad trip if you're in shape. But I was not in shape, so yes, you are correct, riding from Goodwood to Montreal was crazy and/or stupid. In the next few pages, I'll show you some pictures from my trip and a little of the story that went along with it. With any luck, perhaps it will even capture your imagination and inspire you to take your own bike trip.. maybe not so far, or maybe even further. One person i need to thank for this trip is Mr. Brian Hedney. I've never met the man, but his website not only inspired me to finally make this trip, but also provided the exact route that it would follow! Because of the meticulous work he did on his website, i was able to take a great route with minimal traffic and maximal scenery. In short, I owe a lot to him! Here's the link to his website . Be sure to check out the rest of the bike stuff there, too. (It's all under the "Great Outdoors" section.)

So without further ado, here's my Goodwood-Montreal photo-journal! (One more thing: there would be a lot more, and a lot BETTER, pictures from this trip, if taking pictures hadn't proved to be such a time-eating pain in the butt!)
On to the photo-journal!!!
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