TRANS : On or to the other side of
TRANSCEND : To rise above or extend notably beyond ordinary limits
TRANSDUCE : To convert (as energy or message) into another form
TRANSFIGURATION : An exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change
TRANSFORM : To change in composition or structure
: A movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style  to another
TRANSLUCENT : Permitting the passage of light
TRANSPOSE : To change in form or nature
TRANSSHAPE : To change into another shape

There are many 'Trans..' definitions in the dictionary, many that we may use to describe our identities, or our desired identities but, not yet one for Transgender?
Have we not existed for thousands of years?
We cannot, will not, be surrounded by walls, barriers and  ideas that have not been created and experienced by our own voice(s)!.

We can speak for ourselves! We can express and define our bodies, our genders, however we choose, in whatever manner we wish to do so.
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Do you want to screen the raved about documentary
BOY I AM at your school or event?
Do you want to bring Nicco there for a Q & A?

For information on how, e-mail me HERE
To learn about the film check out the site :
BOY I AM screenings coming up that I will attend :
DREW University (Madison, NJ) ~ Friday, Nov 14th, 2008
Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD) ~ Thursday, Nov 20th, 2008

Breaking the silence through conversation ~ "BOY I AM' continues to tour the world.
Some dates will include a post screening Q & A with Nicco. Join the conversation!

"Boy I Am is the most fascinating, even-handed, emotionally powerful
depiction of the F to M trans experience I have ever seen"

~John Cameron Mitchell;
Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus

"There's a new gender being born into Western Civilization, and Boy I Am is an important,
entertaining and disturbing film that elegantly and poinantly captures its birthing.
Boy, oh boy...don't miss this one!"
~Kate Bornstein;
Author of Hello, Cruel World and Gender Outlaw
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