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  Tuesday November 13, 2007

   Welcome to Skeptics Tricks. A collection of photo's, articles, and links  demonstrating the absurdities, hiccups in logic, and frauds which we believe make up the popular ufo enigma. We aren't interested in examining endless claims. We aren't concerned with which cases seem "good". We are interested in the fraud, the hoaxing, and the belief systems leading to the proliferation of this enigma. So if you're here looking for yet another site devoted to showing the world that something is indeed "out there", you've come to the wrong place. But if you think maybe you have a truly open mind, and really want to know the truth. Then welcome.   

Tuesday November 13, 2007

Update time sort of...

Getting set for something of a return. Of all the lousy things that could prod me into participating in the morass that ufoology has become, it has to be, wait for it............Billy freakin Meier. Apparently he's got a "spokesperson" now, or media representative, whatever, for his U.S. market. One Micheal Horn, who it would seem has been working very hard to revive FIGU here in the states. An impossible seeming task, given the ridiculous amount of debunking done on Meier already. Well, we ran into one Mr. Horn in the past few weeks, and if this gentlemen is a media rep for Meier, well, don't expect to see anything new. In fact, this fellow is mosre likely to remind you of the ufology of yore. Back in the day when the most asinine of arguments were the norm, and every charlatan with a kodak 110 was claiming to have THE proof that would shut up all the debunkers for good. When character assassination was the order of the day, and if as a skeptic you weren't accused of being a child molester at least once in the past two weeks, then you were slacking


At any rate, Mr Horn seems to feel that no one can reproduce the Meier photo's, so they must be real. Never mind that several already have. No no no. Mr. Horn wants to see the WDCUFO, (thats wedding cake ufo for the uninitiated) reproduced. Well, that's what I aim to do. So, the site is back up, dead links and all. I'll be taking out the trash, dusting off the vacum tubes and transistors, and rearranging the place somewhat in the coming weeks. It oughtta be fun. Till then, be patient.


Ufo Orgs have folded, sightings have dropped down, and no flap such as once could be expected appears forthcoming any time soon. And so, what to do with this mess here?


Well, I'll keep it around awhile, and maybe even add more now and then. But for the time being, I'll be adding random time wasters and bits and pieces of amusement I come across on the web occasionally. For example, This. So enjoy, and hope you find some of this stuff at the least amusing. I'll still be willing to entertain your feedback, questions  and suggestions, so feel free to send them in. Until then, stay safe.  Paul~  


I'll be back.



  As always I am all too happy to receive your comments, news items, photo's and suggestions. It helps me immensely when someone else provides the content thereby allowing me to continue my pursuit of the laziest existence possible. Thanks for dropping in folks and don't forget.


Another new project of mine. Stop in, buy something, and make my girlfriend think I am the 8th wonder of the world. Alicia's


Another this month is Ifuo' A great site for when you just can't make heads or tails of the peculiar photo that "Alienbugggerboo" posted to your favorite forum. It's not the be all end all of debunking by any means. But when it comes to birds, bugs and faraway airplanes posing as ufo's this site's got it covered. George would do well to have a look at this one.



"""By examining the effects of a controlled hoax, the reliability and objectivity of UFO experts is analyzed. It is concluded that the enthusiasm and credulity of many commentators hinders the scientific appraisal of UFO phenomena." D.I. Simpson







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