Prabhakar G Vaidya
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus
Bangalore 560012
Telephone: 91-80-2360 4351
         Fax: 91-80-2360 6634 
       Telex: 0845-8349 IISC IN
      Email: [email protected]
Prof. Prabhakar G Vaidya
Prof. Tim Poston
Research Scholars
R S Umesh
Nithin Nagaraj
Sajini Anand
Recent Graduate
Dr Savita Angadi
Research Interests
Mariyammal V B
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The Unit began in 2000. J.R.D. Tata: "Role of Mathematics as a bridge between the hard and soft sciences". Mathematical Modelling as an activity is quite basic to the process of logic and reasoning itself. Maynard-Smith pointed out, the purpose of Mathematical Modelling is to help us realize the "consequences of our assumptions". Our present goal is to apply mathematical modelling to somewhat nontraditional applications. We have been working on applications in Biology, Economics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Signal Processing and Cryptography.



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