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Dr Poston is an interdisciplinary scientist, with over seven hundred mentions in the Science Citation and Social Science Citation Indices.

He is co-author of two texts, one on geometry and General Relativity and the other on Catastrophe Theory, that are still in print more than twenty-five years after first publication.

He has published in respected journals and proceedings, from the 5-dimensional geometry of real binary quartics to vibration spectra of crystals, settlement patterns in archaeology, rod buckling, vision (human and machine), 3D medical image analysis, and human-machine interaction.

He is an author of patent applications for a helical surgical probe (allowing an indirect and often safer approach to deep brain lesions, with the guidance algebra to make it usable to the surgeon), for a reach-in interface design, for rapid means of surface and volume rendering, for a rapid instructional animation creation system, and others in the area of image-guided drug delivery.

In collaboration with Intel Corp. he has developed powerful 3D display methods.He is a pioneer in the development and commercial deployment of desktop hand-immersive user interaction.

Current Scientific Interests

3D and 4D geometry as applied to the rapid display (to the senses of sight and touch) of complex computed objects with
real-time mechanical distortion, biomedical simulation and surgical planning. Human factors in productive interaction with complex shapes and structures and with information structures. Access to relevant information in large, dynamic and disparate collections of data.


1964-1967 University of Hull, England, BSc 1st Class Honours in Mathematics.

1967-1969 University of Hull, began graduate work; sabbatical year as Student Union president.

1969-1972 University of Warwick, England, PhD in Mathematics. Thesis title "Fuzzy Geometry"; a finite difference analogue of differential topology.


1972-73 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Professor Visitante, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada.

1973-74 Rochester, New York, USA.Research Fellow, Mathematics and Physics Depts, University of Rochester.

1974-75 Oporto, Portugal. Professor Extraordinário, Mathematics Dept, Universidade do Porto.

1975-80 Geneva, Switzerland. Research Fellow, Advanced Studies Centre, Battelle Institute, and Chercheur Visitant, Physics Dept, Université de Genève.

1980 Bristol, England. Research Fellow, Physics Dept, University of Bristol.

1980-81 Stuttgart, West Germany. Gastprofessor, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Stuttgart.

1981-82 Charleston, South Carolina, USA.Visiting Associate Professor, Dept of Biometry, Medical University of South Carolina.

1982-83 Santa Cruz, California, USA. Visiting Professor, Mathematics Dept, University of California at Santa Cruz.

1983-88 Los Angeles, California, USA. Associate Research Mathematician in the Crump Institute for Medical Engineering, UCLA, and Adjunct Professor at the Mathematics Dept, UCLA.

1988-1992 Pohang, Kyong-Buk, South Korea. Visiting Professor, Mathematics Dept, Pohang Institute of Science and Technology.

1992-1999 Singapore. Chief Scientist, Centre for Information-enhanced Medicine, National University of Singapore.

1999-2000 Singapore. Principal Investigator, Dataweaver project, Johns Hopkins Singapore.

2000-2003 Singapore. Chief Scientist, Digital Medicine Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Singapore.

2003-present Bangalore. Research Consultant, Imaging Technology Lab, GE India Technology Centre.


2004, R Raghavan, T Poston, Design and planning system for improving the survival rate of injected structures, US Patent 6,749,833

2004, W Nowinski, T Poston, Curved surgical instruments and method of mapping a curved path for stereotactic surgery, US Patent 6,701,173

2004, R Raghavan, T Poston and R Viswanathan, Drug Apparatus, system and method for calibrating magnetic resonance receiver coils, US Patent 6,697,661

2003, R Raghavan, R Viswanathan, and T Poston, Drug delivery and catheter systems, apparatus and processes, US Patent 6,572,579

2003, R Raghavan, T Poston and R Viswanathan, Method and apparatus for targeting material delivery to tissue, US Patent 6,549,803

2002, K Venkataraman, T Poston, Volume Rendering, US Patent 6,501,471

2002, R Raghavan, R Viswanathan, and T Poston, Drug delivery and catheter systems, apparatus and processes, US Patent 6,464,662

2002, H T Nguyen, T Poston, M L Brady, M Lee, Method for Modeling and Rendering Complex Surfaces Using Local Height Maps, US Patent 6,441,816


2003, R Raghavan, T Poston and J Kucharczyk, Method for dynamic characterization of density fields in a compound structure, USPTO 20030028090
(Unpublished applications remain confidential.)

Scientific Papers and Books

2004, F Wang, T Poston, K M Lim, C L Teo and E Burdet, Multisensory learning cues using analytical collision detection between a needle and a tube, Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality 2004, Haptics Symposium.

2004, K M Lim, F Wang, T Poston, L Zhang, C L Teo, E Burdet, Multi-Scale Simulation For Microsurgery Trainer. Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

2002, K M Lim, T Poston, L Zhang, B F Liu, C L Teo and E Burdet, Multi-scale simulation for a robotic surgical trainer. International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2002).

2001, J H Han and T Poston, Chord to point distance accumulation: A new approach to discrete curvature, Pattern Recognition Letters 22:1133-1144.

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2003, R Poston and T Poston, Tales of the Unexplained (stories for teenagers), Horizon, Singapore, ISBN 981-4130-94-X.






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