Tales from the fallen...

          From day one, it's always been about the roll of the dice, the destiny in which one is placed amongst a group. Some souls have gripped their fate by the horns and controlled the outcome of the battle they fight each and every day, and some, slip into the grandeur of protection. Either way, to each his epoch and style in which he chooses to live it. This…

...was not my choosing.

     I will never remember how I ended up this way, what mistake or decision I made to end up in the clutches of the people I accompany. And will I know how it was that I picked up my first rock CD, plugged it into my CD-Player never again to return to the genre of Rap? There are so many unanswered questions in each life. When did my brain overload with desire and thought that I was forced to pick up a pen, like so many others, and write to nothing more then a piece of paper, my most inner conception of all things? And how is it now, that I sit here typing such words and creating such pages to reflect these corners that shape my life?

     To the Master of my design, I tip my glass to you in honor, for I would never be here if I was not constantly forced, by you, to question such matters. I have created this to hopefully fill a void of insecurity. I give you the three main sections of my life, the influence, talent, admiration, and love for each of them does not alone, come from me.

A list of all the souls I've come in contact with that I feel are worth recording.
Make no mistake, I cherish only a few.

I have here a compilation of some writings I've known people to do.
There are none of mine here.

The music that claims my life and most of the people I know.
The bands, and their lyrics.

This is where my unsightly journal remains.
If anyone has a problem with what I have to say, seek the demon that speaks on my behalf.
Take it up with him.

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