Newington Football 2008
This is a temporary web site to get us going until the summer. Please check here for information.

And please feel free to contact me about anything you think is important.

Summer Conditioning Part II

Summer conditioning will move from CCSU to the track behind the fieldhouse at Newington High School. We will be meeting at 7:00am to about 9am on MWF beginning August 1 until August 15. Conditioning will probably last about 2 hours. Also please note that medical clearance is not required.


Paperwork Needed to Begin Football Practice

Each player must receive medical clearance from the nurse to participate. A player cannot participate until they are cleared.

Here is my understanding of what is needed.

The student has had a physical within the last two years of the end of the 2008 football season.

Physical is over 2 years old or is a sports physical from last year Best Strategy
  1. Document and copy everything you hand-in.
  2. Contact the nurse directly with any questions. This is her preference. Nurse Krin (860) 666-5611 Ext. 164 or Nurse LaRosa (860) 666-5611 Ext. 163
  3. Have your son get the school physical on August 14 so he is guaranteed clearance to play if there is any uncertainty.
Parental Consent Form


Important Dates and Information for the Upcoming Season


Summer Conditioning

Conditioning is at the Michael S. Knapp Weight Training Center in Kaiser Gymnasium at CCSU.

Here is a campus map. Kaiser Hall is building 7 and Kaiser Annex is building 35. Parking is available in A or R lots. We will meet as a group outside Kaiser Hall.


CCSU Football Camp

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