New Hampshire Dog Breeders Directory
This directory is a non-profit project attempting to direct the public to our local breeders.  Each listed breeder has agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics as well as further agreed to:

The breeders listed agree to furnish with each sale an AKC litter registration or an AKC individual registration or a written agreement signed by both buyer and seller stating the reason for selling the dog without AKC registration papers.  Such agreements to be in triplicate, one for the buyer, one for the seller and one for the AKC should they wish it.

Pedigree:  The breeder agrees to furnish the buyer with a pedigree showing at least three (3) generations.  Care and accuracy are important.

Health Record: In keeping with New Hampshire Law RSA 443-A
-Each dog must be
inoculated against infectious canine diseases using a vaccine approved by the State veterinarian.
-Each dog must have a
health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within 14 days of sale.  This certificate must be in duplicate, one kept by the breeder for at least 3 years, and one copy to the purchaser.
-No dog shall be delivered less than
8 weeks of age.

A schedule of dates the puppies were
wormed and the type of medication used and/or his stool was checked and found free of infection.

A rabies certificate (if such was administered)

If an animal has been altered or had
any serious infection or special diagnosis, a veterinarians certificate should be included.

Information regarding the
heartworm program and its prevention.

feeding schedule with names and amounts of food plus any supplements.  (Many breeders give a 12hr supply with the puppy).

Agreements of price, payments and terms are between the buyer and seller.

It is becoming common practice among responsible breeders to require the
neutering and spaying of pet puppies and to take their puppies back if the situation ever occurs or requires it.

By completing and signing the application, breeders give consent to inspection of their facilities, and health, rabies certificates and dog licenses, by a committee representing th NH Dog Breeders Directory.  The purpose of these visits is to determine the adequacy of facilities for the given breed(s) and general condition of dogs.  The sponsors of this directory reserve the right to reject any listing
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