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7:22 PM    Still waiting for my data to come in from Dallas. With only 11 days until I leave for the AGU meeting, this is cutting it a bit close for comfort.
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12:55 AM    My Christmas flight plans are now set. Dec. 22, I fly out to San Francisco and arrive at 2:42 PM on UA flight 145 to decompress.
After being awake for nearly 36 hours and my homework is finally finished, I think it's time to throw in the towel.

3:50 PM    I FINALLY cut my hair and it feels great! It's been too long for too long. It's a lot of work and this whole Victorian hair thing gets kind of morbid after a while.

9:35 PM    New pictures are now up!
5:30 AM     Studied the whole night through for calc. Integrals and derivatives haunt my dreams now with a Dropkick Murphys soundtrack. I seriously question why a person would do this for a living. And yet, here I am.

3:25 PM    No data yet, no sleep and now there's snow on the ground. Not an ideal day.
The tea of the day is:
Vanilla Rooibus
11:37 PM    I just saw a graduate student give her Master's thesis defense today on a topic I work on. It gave me some good ideas for my poster talk. Afterwards, the graduate students, professors and I went to the campus grill for a few refreshments and some of us ended up getting involved in bowling and pizza. It was a good night.
10:28 PM     New suit? Check. Plane tickets? Check. Place to stay? Check. Data? Nope. This is a BIG problem.
11:24 PM     More info on my interests is now up.
2:15 AM    After a rough beginning of the week, things haven't improved all that much. My poster still has a lot of work left on it and I have to present my preliminary results in a class tomorrow, or really, today.
To top that off, I was in my lab until almost midnight finishing something for my mineralogy class and I'm still not sure it's right.
There's still the chemistry work I need to do for that lab before I go and my interrim report is due in a few days.
But on the plus side, I got an A+ on my chemistry research paper and my box of minerals assignment. If only that was all I needed to do. *Sigh*.
7:24 PM    I now know what happened to my data. Unfortunately, a death in the family has put my samples a bit behind schedule but there's still enough time to get some work done on the poster.
Other than that, I'm in hell. There is SO MUCH to do before I go, I'm not sure how it will all get done. A few more sleepless nights probably won't be that bad. If anything, it'll mean that I'll be able to sleep on the plane.
1:15 PM     It's been a long day so far and it will get even longer. I now have some data plotted and it's looking really good for the hypothesis. I also got some very good pictures to go on my poster and everything else is shaping up nicely. The bad part is all the time I have to invest on it still. I was up until 5 AM working on it and I very well might end up doing the same thing again tonight, just to get as much done as I can before I go and leave the rest for my professor. At least it will get hung in the hallway once I'm finished.
12:44 PM     Well, it's over. I went to AGU and had a FABULOUS time of it! We got our data just in time (Friday), made it out there (San Francisco) and presented it (Thursday). In between, I saw so many talks I enjoyed, met many interesting people and ate at some great restaurants while we had great weather. I will DEFINATLEY do this again!
The only downside was I had to take the red-eye back to milwaukee for an exam on Friday but it's over with now. Now the only thing to do is to get ready to go back out for Christmas. Oh and finish up a few more of those finals. Details, details.
5:35 PM     It's COLD here! I couldn't fully appreciate the temperature here until today, after sleeping nearly a whole day. I am very ready to be back in San Francisco even if it's not particularly warm there. It's still better than Wisconsin.
In other news, there  is new info under interests, resume and about me  and there will be other photos coming soon. I saw some pictures from a few years ago and it doesn't look like I've changed all that much except for my diligence with sunscreen. About half of the pictures had me looking very pink in the face and I can only assume I had been burned again. Aside from the skin and the hair (I've learned the value of a good haircut and have since gotten the volume under control), I look much like I do now. I think that's a good thing.
8:02 PM     My updated resume is now available with links to download it in either PDF or MS Word format. I should soon have a references download available too.
1:55 PM     My interests are finally all filled in! You would think that something all about what I like would get done faster than this wouldn't you?
1:15 AM     I'm done. Finally. It's been a long month but I can now relax. I'm not even sure I'll be able to enjoy it for a while just because it feels so odd to me. Well, turing 21 might help a bit with that.
2:35 AM   While getting more photos to upload, I got a chance to see the pictures of me from Brazil from 5 years ago. I can't believe that I never bothered to look at them until now. That's something I should probably work on.
7:15 PM     I'm back and very refreshed, to some degree anyway. Now that I have access to a computer and have no extended family to visit with, I've been able to upload many more photos of me, my friends and my work. I found a stash of photo albums in my closet including some that I had never seen before.It now seems that I need these sort of things to remind me of what happened in the past. I can only imagine what it'll be like when I'm 90.
7:58 PM    OK. So I've been REALLY lazy with my website for the last, oh 2 months or so but at least I have an excuse! I pretty much hit the ground running when classes started this semster so it's been a bit hectic to update. I plan on getting some stuff together soon enough and will have it up in a few weeks.
1:08 AM    What better to do but work on posting when I can't sleep? Nothing that I can think of. Anyway, there are MANY new Brazil and Christmas photos up now and soon, I'll have captions to go with them.
11:06 PM     More pictures are up and there will soon be new information under my profile as well as an updated resume.
9:04 PM     It's been a busy summer and there is yet to be anything new posted but so much to post about.
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