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The Island Paradise

Island Paradise

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The Island Paradise
Phu Quoc Island is becoming a magnet for local and foreign tourists. Experts from the World Travel Organization have rated it as comparable to the world's 12 most famous tourist islands.
Before 2000, Phu Quoc was still a strange spot on Vietnam's tourist map. There were three weekly flights between the island and HCM City. According to Vietnam Airlines' statistics, 30,000 passengers traveled on the route in 2000, 50% of whom were locals. Things have changed significantly over the past two years, though. As tourists have come in droves to explore the new landmark, Vietnam Airlines has increased its flights to two a day. At present, there are sometimes as many as five flights a day between HCM City and Phu Quoc, with 70% of the passengers being tourists. Phu Quoc is becoming a hot property for the tourism industry.
Phu Quoc is rated as a "newly found paradise", with rich tourist resources and the primeval beauty of mountains, forests, beaches and springs.
Its mountains have fascinating scenery such as the Tien (Fairy) Spring, Tau Ru and Ong Doi capes, and Da Ban Waterfalls. In particular, the island has 150 kilometers of breath-taking, pristine beaches that have only started to be tapped for tourism. Foremost are the Sao, Kem, Dai and Cua Can beaches.

The weather is suitable for tourism all year round. International tourists usually flock to Phu Quoc from October to April.

How to get there

Means of transport: Tourists can travel to Phu Quoc Island by air or water.

By air: There are three daily flights between HCM City and Phu Quoc. The flight by ATR72 aircraft, which can seat 60 people, takes 55 minutes. The airfare is VND500,000 per passenger. There are also flights between Rach Gia (Kien Giang Province) and Phu Quoc. The flight takes 20 minutes. The fare is VND250,000 per passenger.

By water: A normal boat trip from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc takes six hours. A high-speed boat trip takes two and a half hours. The fare is VND115,000 per adult. A boat trip from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc takes one and a half hours.

Sightseeing spots: Sao Beach, Tranh Spring, Da Ban Waterfalls, Tau Ru and Ong Doi capes.

Shopping: Famous local products are fish sauce and pepper. Most travel companies have tours of famous fish sauce producers and pepper gardens in Phu Qu


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