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A Night at the Chicken Hutch

By Johhny Fullmoon

NH250 Writer
It was the summer just before our life's path would take us separate ways. Although our paths would at times cross again, the path we took this memorable week-end would not be surpassed.

In the summer of 1977, myself more consumed with collecting Linda Ronstadt records, and Ray, consumed with not setting sites on anything, never-the-less set off for an mid-morning country cruise.

We quickly determined destination would be Gilsum NH, just north of the city of Keene. Memories of College Career Day at Keene State College for us then Nashua High School students, were ebbing and flowing in our imaginations.

That trip three years earlier, brought us to visit a Nashua High alumnus, who was a freshman Keene State College. Jim, would serve as our guide and give us a glimpse to college life. Apparently college life was spent mostly cutting class and cruising back roads, which is what we did that day. With Jim driving his old American Hornet, metallic blue green in color, we reminissed about the dent he obtained one evening back in Nashua.

Up and down bumpy, winding, paved and unpaved roads, over we went. We came to a stop near a very small clearing in the evergreen blanketed landscape. Piling out of the car, I spied old cottage worthy of exploring, or so it appeared to be. Although, quite unoccupied for some time, the three small rooms we were hesitant to explore.

Once inside, however, we were intrigued by various collections of cobwebs, bottles and signs. My eyes widened as I thought of collecting the old Moxie Tonic sign to hang on my bedroom wall. Pete unfortuately confirmed out fears as to why we were so hesitant to enter the rotting structure in the first place. Bang, thank, ouch!. Pete had fallen clear through the floor to the unbearable stenched laden cellar below. With a good deal of effort we removed our injured comrade and ourselves out of the building, pleading never to enter again.

Today, four years later, two of us decided to reneg on the pledge.


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