Organized January 28, 2004, by 10 concerned women in the community of Cimislia and surrounding villages, Lia-Cimislia is a response to the lack of social and economic support felt by the women of the region.
A registered Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to Women's Rights, based in the town of Cimislia, Moldova and serving Cimislia and its 30 surrounding villages.
Mission: To Develop Promote & Protect the Women of Cimislia and surrounding rural villages in Southern Moldova.
           The main priorities for
              Lia-Cimislia are to:

*Develop and diversify the activities of the organization to serve the women of Cimislia

*Realize and bring to light the following rights: civil, economic, social, human, and culturall inherent to Cimislia's women.  And to protect their rights and freedoms.

*Develop entrepreneureal aptitudes and stimulate innovative initiatives to help create new jobs in Cimislia.
Our Values:
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Blvd. Stefan cel Mare 14
of. 38
Cimislia 4101
Republic of Moldova
Inspired by the story of Lia, the co-founder of the Southern Moldovan town of 18,000 that bears her & her husband (Cimis), Lia-Cimislia reflects it's namesake's strength, independence and sense of equality.
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Telephone: 011 373 241 236 44
Fax: 011 373 241 236 09
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