On a separate sheet please reflect on the challenges and successes you faced during the research process.

NAME: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________

I investigated: __________________________________________________________

Reflection on Process

  1. Did I present my new knowledge well to the class? What would I do differently?
  2. Do I like my final project? Why or Why not? What would I do differently?
  3. What problems did I have in finding information? How did I solve these problems? Was this effective? Why?
  4. What was easiest about gathering the information? Why?
  5. Did any issues arise as I documented my sources? If so, what were they?
  6. If I had more time, I would I would still like to learn the following about my topic:

Reflection on sources

Think about the sources you used for this project, then answer the following questions.
  1. Was the information accurate on all web sites? How could I tell if the information was accurate?
  2. What criteria do you look for when evaluating the accuracy of a web site?
  3. How much authority did the author or sponsor of the web site have? How could I tell?
  4. Does the text sound informational or persuasive? Could the author be biased? How can I tell?
  5. Because of the lack of information on the Ibo (Igbo) culture, many of the sources we used for this project were individual's web sites. Does an individual's web site have the same credibility as a web site affiliated with a company or a school? Why?

Adapted from:
"Student Inquiry in the Research Process" developed by Leslie Preddy, based on the elements of Information Inquiry designed by Dr. Daniel Callison, Indiana University and LMS Associates. http://pmms.msdpt.k12.in.us/imc/Inquiry/eval%20check-stu%20eval%20educator.pdf

Springfield Township High School Virtual Library. "Reflecting on the Research Process." http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/reflecting.html

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