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The Assignment:

If you choose to use PowerPoint to create your presentation, you must follow these rules. You will need to include an activity for the class as well! You can use Inspiration software to create a graphic organizer for us to use to take notes, if you wish.

Top 10 Rules for a PowerPoint Presentation

Here are some tips for creating an effective PowerPoint. You should all know how to create one already, but if you have any additional questions, ask me, our librarian, or follow one of these links. (adapted from Mark L. Merickel of Oregon State University -- http://oregonstate.edu/instruction/ed596/ppoint/pphome.htm)

  1. Use a dark or semi-dark background with lighter text (CONTRAST is IMPORTANT!)
  2. Stick with a single background.
  3. Don't spend too much time trying to impress us with graphics and transitions. The focus should be on the information.
  4. Do not center the text. Make all bulleted points even with one another (left justified).
  5. Placing graphics on the left to lead eye to the text.
  6. Only capitalize the first word in each bulleted point.
  7. Do not place too much information on the screen. You are using this as a guideline. You should not READ your presentation off the screen.
  8. Keep the font size large enough to read. Do not go smaller than 18 or 20 point.
  9. Be sure to cite each graphic you use on that page. Follow the format listed in the citations page.
  10. Be sure to include a title page with your name and topic, followed by informational pages in a logical order. End with your bibliography and a thought for us to ponder.

Step-by-Step PowerPoint Creation Guides

Pennsylvania's Germantown Academy Curricular Technology Program


Tutorial with easy-to-read information about PowerPoint functions


Mark L. Merickel of Oregon State University


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