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Welcome to my tour of Penn State...
Intel Digital Camera: $99
Penn State Tuition: $14,000
A picture tour of the campus for your father: Priceless
My bed...  Many have come and gone on this thing...  HA HA!!!  Yeah, RIGHT...
The closet...  I can hide in there very easily... :-P Wait, then I'd be coming out of the closet...  Okay, no hiding for me. :-P
Leete Hall
The top floor is BASH, my floor.  (BASH = Business And Society House) :)
Warnock Commons
Leete Hall is to the left in this picture.  This is the center of North halls (Not literally, as in the offices and stuff) and has the cafeteria, computer lab, mail, etc.
The entrance to Warnock Commons...
My mailbox...  The combination is.....what, you'd think I'd tell you???
ResCom...  AKA the computer center for North Halls.  As you can see, these people couldn't get their internet access working.  It's not uncommon.  Noone can. If you're not a computer science major now, you'll be one before the end of school because of the effort it takes to get connected. :-P
A little further inside Warnock.  That's the mail/information center in the middle, with the cafeteria to the left upstairs and the Bluespoon Deli right and upstairs.
Back to the outside in the North Halls area.  Here are the courts in the area.  Notice the nice CEMENT we have for volleyball.  East has sand, as you'll see later.
The water tower.  I pass it every day on the way to the forum (The large lecture halls).  The tennis courts from above are to the right, and the other area is behind me.
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