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DISCLAIMER: The following tips are just what they are, tips for quake 2. They are not necessarily tips to kick ass in Quake 2 but they will help. If you fail to kick ass in Quake 2 and blame me because you followed my tips step by step and STILL could not win then well, you suck. Do not read on if you want to be fragbait.


Yep, well this is my Quake 2 tip page. I will attempt to give tips on almost every aspect of Quake 2 in order for fragging excellency. On The Side Bar there are the tip topics. These are

-The Basics *Start here if you are a beginner
-Weapons *Tactics and weapons briefing. The Weapon is your success
-Environment *Different scenarios call for different tactics
-The Advanced *My ultimate hints and tricks for Quake 2
-The EDGE *Guidance in Q2DM1- The Edge
-Quake 2 ethics

-Quaketionary *Your quicke reference to Quake 2
-Links *Quake 2 and beyond


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