Name: Dustin Ng
Gugs, Guggles, Gugster, The Unguginator, Dusting...

Address: Mister
City: That's the name of a kid at Kumon, but it's not spelled that way...
State: Intoxication
ZIP: per

Birthday: 13/32/69
Height: ...when adjusted to significant digits ::shivers:: 0m (relative to Earth)
Weight: 0N (also adjusted to significant digits)
Shoe Size: you know what they say about people who wear shoes...they don't get their feet dirty
Hair: got that
Eyes: got that too

Specialty: lacking specialty (jack of all trades, but master at not knowing what a master is...)
I'd like to do some shoutouts... my two wonderful science mean SO much to me, I have to yell at you ~ AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!$#@^%&$ (that was sarcastic if you didn't get that)... everyone,
...because I don't have enough time to name you all, because I'm in that mode when I can't start anything because I keep thinking that if i start something, I won't get to finish another...

...and you thought you were special...HAH!...just like I say, "behind every handshake is a middle finger, muahahahahahahahaha!!" (Actually, I just made that up, I don't really say it normally, but if you think about it, it's SO true...)
...I almost forgot...the OTHER page is still here
...A Trip to Insanity...
jHeyhey...welcome to Ungugination!
...did you expect something normal?
My future pet will take on your pet any day ~~>
<~~Lavalamp...hahaha (like you didn't know that...)
I want one of these...*sigh*
Yep, that's my home planet...I know you always knew there was something - extraterrestrial about me -=o\
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If you could give me one of these...I'll be forever grateful to you...~~>
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<~~This crystal holds my powers...don't try to steal it - it protects itself
<~~Another doggy!!
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