Dear Diary
These are the entrings of Tess/Ava throughout her entire life. All her emotions, thoughts, and wonders were written down in her diary. She felt free when she could write.
Dear Diary,
I just got this book from Mama and Papa today for my birthday present. I turned 16 today. Everybody came to my party. Pappy and Nana arrived last night, just before I turned in for my sleep. We were all allowed to stay up longer because we hadnít seen Pappy and Nana for so long. I asked for my present, but they told me I had to wait till my birthday. So I did. Today I opened up the present and it was a necklace. On the gold chain was a rare Antarian shell that can only be found in the deepest water of the Iroani Ocean. Nana said her nana had given it to her when she was a young child and now it was my turn to have it. She told me to give the necklace to my granddaughter one-day. I will cherish that necklace forever. Krey, my oldest brother, gave me a beautiful dress that fits me perfectly. All my sisters got together and gave me a teleporter. Now I can go places much faster! My brothers Jioe, Ash, and Behn were all too young to get me anything. Uncle Tar and Aunt Isle gave me an ancient book that dates back to the beginning of Antar. Aunt Adelina gave me a drawing kit. Uncle Ramth and Aunt Serah gave me a doll that was hand-made by one of the civilians on Vumyth, which is the second planet on the right of the V. (I have to keep reminding myself of the geography of the planets) Many other Aunts and Uncles gave me wonderful gifts as well, but I canít name them all. I think I have a great deal too many relatives.  Mama has 9 brothers and 8 sisters, and Papa has 5 brothers and 8 sisters. How many is that in total? 14 uncles and 16 aunts. Then I have to add in-laws. After that, there are cousins. Oh thatís too many to count for today. Iíll do that tomorrow. I must sleep now.   Avalia

Dear Diary,
I said I would count my cousins today, so I suppose I should fulfill my deed.
Mamaís Family    Papaís Family
U. Tar & A. Isle  11   A. Urlsa & U. Pak 20
U. Ramth & A. Serah 9  A. Adelina & U. Pnir 17
U. Ker & A. Lyne 14  A. Berna & U. Vome 12
A. Olia & U. Eugre 2  A. Lucei & U. Kip 14
A. Stesa & U. Qogo 8  A. Zaji & U. Treth 9
U. Ymith & A. Zana 17  U. Othilo & A. Erye 10
A. Pol & U. Garath 19  U. Uilno & A. Quaz 12
U. Rion & A. Mya 14  A. Racae & U. Ien 7
U. Lex & A. Oga 16  A. Roze & U. Jaei 9
A. Bheth & U. Cyd 8  U. Dene & A. Dide 4
A. Xoice & U. Lokt 12  A. May & U. Roso 11
A. Rie & U. Cros 10  U. Foye & A. Caep 6
A. Siim & U. Insh 8  A. Cial & U. Redde 8
U. Somt & A. Elsi 6  U. Arry & A. Daury 4
U. Able & A. Fies 4 
A. Lana & U. Ffin 3    Total = 62

Total = 63  62 + 63 = 125

Yikes! I have 125 cousins! And then many of them have children of their own yet. But I think Iíll save that for another day.      Avalia

Dear Diary,
Papa took me along on his mission today. Krey would have come, but he had to stay home and train with the General. My pesky little sisters, Lima, Rae, Eva, and Zoel were crying because they wanted to come along. Papa told them they were too young. This time, he was headed for Antar. (The first star of the V) The trip took two and a half-hours. I talked to Papa the whole way. He told me that we were going to Antar to discuss the currency rate. Right now, the Antar Nofkin is really low. Theyíre hoping to bring it up a bit so the trades will increase. Antar is suffering a great deal due to lack of nofkin. When we got to Antar, we went strait to the Kingís Palace. I never even got to see the great city of Sibya. Oh well. Papa told me that the King had two children just my age, so I was excited to meet them. We entered the great palace and were taken to the parlor. Then the King came in and greeted us. After he welcomed us into his home, he told me his daughter was at a friendís house and his son was outside, swimming with a friend. I didnít want to sit inside and listen to them speak of the currency problem (that bores me to death), so I went outside. I explored the flower gardens. They are amazing! I have never seen such beautiful gardens in my life. The Antarians sure know how to garden. Perhaps I can learn from one of them one day and plant my own garden back on Rydon. After a while, I came upon this large rock over looking a lake. I walked over there and sat down. The moon was setting, so I watched it go down. It was the most beautiful moonset Iíd ever seen. Iím starting to think that maybe Iíll move to Antar. Itís a much more beautiful planet than Rydon. When I looked down at the lake, I saw two boys splashing around in the water. Actually, it was more like one boy was splashing and the other was staring at something. He was looking my way, so I looked behind me to see what he was looking at, but I couldnít find anything. Then I suddenly realized he was looking at me. I looked back at him and gave him a seducing smile. Then I looked back at the moonset. Later on, I went back inside. Papa told me there is a party tonight and that I am invited. Iíve decided Iím going to go. Iím almost completely ready, so I must leave. Iíll write a bit later.      Avalia
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