Welcome! You have entered Royally Rebellious, a place where we can talk about Max/Jason and Tess/Emilie freely. This is not completed yet and there's not too much to see yet, so bare with me. First off, I'd like to say this is a Rebel site, which means we ship Max and Tess. So if you have something against thos two, then I suggest you exit the room immediately. Okay, now that that's overwith, have fun lurking around!
Royally Rebellious
What is a Rebel?
Many Roswellians ask this question: What is a Rebel? In the dictionary, to rebel is to feel strong aversion; as, his mind rebels at the prospect of such drudgery. In our case, we rebel against the thought of Max and Liz together. Instead, we desire Max to be with Tess, his true Queen.
Fan Fiction, where you can read all the rebel stories you want!
Dear Diary, the journal of Tess/Ava. She found peace when she wrote in her journal.
Links, where I recommend the BEST sites (besides mine) and you go there!
Sept 9: added a bunch of new parts to a bunch of fan fics.
Sept 10: added 3 new fics to fan fic section.
March 7: added a fanart
Fanart, my beautiful pictures come to life here!
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