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Wow it has been a while...

Whaddya mean droop?

2006 is kickin' my ass. I don't have a lot to say at the moment I just wanted to put up something different here for a place holder.

No commercialistic or consumeristic things to put here in this space at the moment. I just want to send some love out to all who could use it.

I'll be restringing my guitar(s) soon enough. Something good may come of it or maybe not. At least it'll be something.

Alora and Viktor are doing well and I have many more pictures to add to their part of this place as soon as I get off my Duff and Just Do It.

Love to all
And still stay outta the mall.

My children have photos here they are:

Do you like to laugh? Click on over to my Fav. Linx section and check out the new entry or two.
If you haven't had a chance yet check out Collective Ink Tattoo, proprieter Jeremiah D'Giovanni. The man does some serious work. He's the only man I would pay to punish me.
The greedy ass record companies have relented for now and the streaming has been reinstated click here to hear the newest in good music (and probably some crap too, hey you gotta take the good with the bad bud).
107.7 the end!
People who have, at one time or another and even presently, made a completely positive and appreciated impact on my life.

  • Jesse "Dammit N8, you Suck!" Youker
  • Mikey "Awesome" Amalfitano
  • Lovely Lara Putnam
  • Jeremiah "Extraordinary Ink" D'Giovanni
  • The Incredible High Flying Killeens
  • Carl "Big Poppa" Putnam
  • Darren "DareDevil" Burt
  • Wes "Smokin' Bootz" Martin and Pauline "We can use this" Martin
  • Big Justin "Iceman" Rosekranz and his SuperFly Nadine
  • Brit "The Man" Murray and Gina "Gotsa Plan" Johnstone
  • Steve "Rorshach" Edwards
  • Jeremiah "BUST A MOVE-ATHON" Johnson
  • Big? John "RPGz kick ass" McCraney
  • Steve "I'm too punky for my hair" Fleminger
  • Nate "Gimp Love Lowrider" Felton
  • Matt Brimmer (and his entire clan)
  • Jason "Lemon Drop!" Francisco
  • Big Ole "Neck Snappin'" Tom
  • DragonPunching Doug
  • Damon "Old skool love"
  • Akarin (Ak...arin, Ak...uma? Coincidence? I don't think so!)
  • Anthony "...And then her dog walked in..." Liyab
  • Andy "Where's G. Stephani at???" Wuerfel

Founding Member and Acting
(Dude, even ZZTop want to forget that record w/ Velcro Fly on it why in the hell is this crazy ass radio station based outta this town I'm living in playing this garbage? Sorry are you still here? Time to go home, Parades over Jackass.)
President BaconBusterz of America
Thanks RosyPants!
Big Badd Violent N8
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Ya'll Come Back Now Ya Hear??

Everyones Doing It!

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