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Let's Not Waste Time

on a lot of words of introduction. Your life is short, my life is short, and my attention span is shorter still (for it would be very unfortunate if I ever gave a lifetime's worth of attention to any one thing). So lets keep the pleasantries sparse, since I will probably have to spell-check or rewrite this introduction over and over, which would mean reading it over and over, and that would be difficult, since, as I have just said, I have a short attention span (which, as I recall, would be shorter than a lifetime).

What's that? You don't follow? Or you don't care? Now, I suppose it all depends on what sort of person you are, doesn't it? Go ahead, sit on it a moment.

Well, since you now know something about me (namely, my short attention span), and you now know something about you (namely, whether you don't follow or you don't care), I suppose everything an introduction sets out to do has been accomplished, for you are now more Knowledgeable. Actually, there is at least one more thing an introduction should do, and we'll take care of that right now.

This is Bernard's website (refer to top). I'm Bernard. I won't say more about myself here. There is a section on that, and it's called

What is Bernard?

The rest of the site is a mix of things. There is a section devoted to words (stuff for reading), a corner for pictures (stuff for seeing), a place that holds opposable thoughts (stuff to get confused about), a hideout for learning/forgetting (stuff people learn and forget), and a pointer to other places (stuff that exists outside of the 15 MB I've been allocated by Geocities, bless their hearts).

By this time, you may have wondered (right now or at some point in the past) why this site is called Opposable Thoughts. If so, it is good that you wonder. In fact it is so good that you wonder that I will leave you to wonder some more. The answer to the question "why is this site called 'Opposable Thoughts'?" is hidden in a quiet corner of this web space. And rightly so, because although some answers are right there in front of you, some answers are cheekier, or more shy, and prefer to be hidden. That way, it's far more rewarding when you find them. It's frustration for the lazy, and joy for the curious.

Cheekiness! What a blessed thing!


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