Brief History of Presentlight

Presentlight was born on May 1, 2006 with Vincent Pol S. Jose, Donovan Famini, Allan Paul Galiga and Francis Michael Ilagan as members of the band. They performed their debut at Valenzuela and with hope and dreams on their bags they decided to take another step and joined the 2006 Musiklaban yet they failed. Although anguish and sorrows fills their heart and has a memory of defeat, they fought the battle for their music and with their effort Mr. Darwin Hernandez, the manager of 6cyclemind and other great Filipino acts was able to see their perseverance and asked them to play in one of their production, and that was on March 1, 2007 at 6underground by Datchentertainment and the rest is history.

Presentlight was named when Vincent and Donovan was strolling at a mall and is looking for the bandís soul. They searched and walked to different foods of uncertainty. They battled their way out through the arcades of doom and stumbled their way out in the ladies lingerie, until they found the right path that would guide their way out in the adventure to find their music. Then a blinding flash of light struck their eyes. This light came out from a lamp, a lamp that changed their lives. A light that reminds them of todayís uncertainty and with that light that changed their lives and turned them who they are now with it, they named their band Presentlight.

They named it Presentlight for it tells them that in every darkness there is a light, a light that would illuminate, guide and prove that fear causes nothing and by believing the things without any means necessary and putting your faith without doubts on the things you accept as true, then it will be possible to do it. That process that you value more than your life is what they call "Presentlight".

Presentlight is made up of:
Lead Vox and guitars:Vincent +VINCHÔ+ (on the center)
Guitars and Vox: Virgil +ZERO+(right side)
Bass: Allan +Lan+ (between Zero and Franz)
Drums: Francis +FRANZ+(ung naka barong?)

gig schedule for APRIL:
June 30 - center for arts (with typecast)
July 16 - Popparazi night (at Club Dredd "eastwood city, libis")

Lyrics of:

Suicidal attempt to achieve freedom

To move in circles
To follow the music of the breeze
Changing turmoil
A disturbing naked coil

A mutation from the mist
The legend will soon murder us

Decline what they offer
Become the unwanted desire
Haunt them with your undying fire
Engage in violence to be remembered

A mindless belief they tend to notice
Mediocre sacrifice because of the kiss
He died in a climatic tragedy
But he is remembered for the whole world to see

Suicide attempt to achieve freedom...
Freedom forever...freedom...


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