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  Last updated: 19/3/2000

Here is the latest photo of me, when I joined in a camping trip at my school, 22/1/2000
  i there! Glad to introduce myself. I'm Hai Nam, a twelveth form student of Luong The Vinh school, Dong Nai. My major's mathematics.
I like watching TV, football but famous teams such as Brazil, Italy, Manchester United... I often listen to music. As a boy, I liked "cai luong" (I don't know an equivalent English word) so much, but now when I watch it on TV... too boring.
You can mail me via [email protected]
or [email protected] (webmaster)
or leave your message below:
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omputer is what I like best. Besides programming, I'm keen on web design, coming to IT forums and chat (my favour is VASC chat & Saigon Java chat with nick ngoan_). I always read Hoa Hoc Tro (Student Flower?) on Thursday and play concern ("co phieu"). Stamp collection is my hobby, too. Time to learn is not much. I often go to bed and get up early.
My class has a website, on this geocities too. Visit it:
Search Search
  n my family, there're four members. I have a younger brother, he also learns at LTV, the 10 Maths 1. His knowledge is pretty. My mother is a secondary teacher, she taught literature before (due to lack of teachers) but history and geography now. My father works in Dong Nai tax department.
And on this geocities, I've got over 300 thousand friends. You can find them in the search box on the left-hand.
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