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League Rules

1. Purpose
2. League Structure
3. Schedule and Playoffs
4. Rosters
5. Scoring
6. Starting Lineups
7. Draft
8. Transactions
9. Tie Breakers
10. Injured Reserve

1. Purpose

The No Guts...No Glory Fantasy Football League ("NG2_FFL") exists for the enjoyment of its members. NG2_FFL is founded on the ideals of competition and fun. Every team owner is a vital part of that process and is essential to the success of the league.

2. League Structure

There will be 7 teams in the league plus 1 team, "Average Joes", that will be the average weekly score of the 7 owner-managed teams in the league to balance the schedule.

NG2_FFL is a redrafter league, meaning that no players will be kept by any team from year to year.

Teams will compete in head-to-head competition each week whereby the winner will be determined by the team who scores more points from their starting lineup against their opponent. Player points are determined by the scoring system detailed in section 5.

3. Schedule and Playoffs

The regular season will consist of 14 games and will be played during weeks 1 to 14 of the NFL season. Each team will play each other opponent, including "Average Joes", 2 times during the season.

The playoffs will take place during weeks 15 and 16 of the NFL season.

The top 4 teams after the regular season, excluding "Average Joes", will advance to the top tier playoffs. The 1st place team will play against the 4th place team in one semi-final during week 15. The 2nd and 3rd place teams will play in the other semi-final. Each semi-final winner will play in the League Championship Bowl Game to determine the League Champion in week 16. Each semi-final loser will play for third place in the Best of the Rest Game.

4. Rosters

Each player on a team's roster must be considered either a Quarterback (QB), Runningback (RB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE) or Kicker (K).

Owners can have a maximum of 14 players on their roster. In the event a team exceeds the 14 player maximum, it must waive sufficient players prior to next week's starting lineup deadline (section 6) to return to 14 players.

If an Owner does not waive sufficient players by the required deadline, the Commissioner will automatically waive players from the team's roster starting with the lowest overall drafted player and continuing with the next lowest drafted until the team meets the 14 player requirement.

There are no maximums or minimums that an Owner must adhere to as far as number of players at each position. However, it is in the Owners best interest to keep the minimum required positional players to field a complete and competitive starting lineup each week.

The final say on all roster eligibility will be what position the player is listed as at the website. In the event of a player being listed in multiple positions, the player is available to be inserted in the starting lineup at any of the positions listed. In the event that a player changes positions during the season, he may qualify to be inserted in the starting lineup at that new position once the Commissioner has determined the player has at least 5 "successes" at that position. A "success" will be defined as a passing completion (QB), rushing attempt (RB), pass reception (WR, TE) or field goal/extra point attempt (K).

5. Scoring

Player points will be determined based on the following scoring system:

Passing TDs                 4 points
Passing Yards               1 point per 25 yards (no limit)
Rushing TDs                 6 points
Rushing Yards               1 point per 10 yards (no limit)
Receiving TDs               6 points
Receiving Yards             1 point per 10 yards (no limit)
2 Pt Conv Pass              1 point
2 Pt Conv Rush              2 points
2 Pt Conv Receive           2 points
FG made                     3 points
PAT made                    1 point
Kickoff return for TD       6 points
Punt return for TD          6 points
Fumble recovery for TD      6 points

In the event there is a dispute regarding player statistics, the web site will provide the source for the final determination of player statistics.

6. Starting Lineups

The starting lineup must consist of the following number of players at each position:

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 3 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 1 K

The deadline for submitting starting lineups for all teams will be 8:00pm on the day prior to the start of the first game for a given week. This means that even if a game is on Thursday which an Owner has no players from their roster playing in, they are still required to submit their starting lineup for the week by 8:00pm Wednesday.

Lineups must be submitted to the Commissioner via email or telephone. The deadline for submitting starting lineups will be strictly enforced.

In the event an Owner fails to submit a starting lineup for a given week, the prior week's starting lineup will be used for the current week. This lineup will be used regardless if it consists of players on bye weeks or with injuries. If a player is traded or waived, then the owner will not receive any points from that player.

If an Owner fails to submit a starting lineup for the first week of the season, that Owner will default their game and no scoring points will be awarded.

7. Draft

The draft order will be determined based on a random draw in advance of the draft.

The draft will be conducted in a serpentine fashion and will consist of 14 rounds. Draft picks in odd numbered rounds are selected in the order 1 through 7. Even numbered rounds are reversed and selected 7 down to 1. For example, the Owner who drafts the 1st pick overall (1st pick in round 1) would draft next at pick 14th overall (7th pick in round 2) and 21st overall (1st pick in round 3).

Each Owner will adhere to a time limit during which each selection must be made. The time limits are 2 minutes for rounds 1 through 4, 3 minutes for rounds 5 through 8 and 4 minutes for rounds 9 through 14.

In the event an Owner fails to make a selection prior to the expiry of the time limit, the selection is passed to the next Owner. Once the next Owner makes their selection, the previous Owner has a new time limit of 30 seconds with which to make their passed over selection. This process will continue until such time as the Owner makes their selection.

8. Transactions

A. Trades

For a trade to be valid, all Owners involved in the trade must email or telephone the Commissioner with the details of the trade. Once a trade has been announced by all teams involved in the trade to the Commissioner, it cannot be rescinded.

Trades must be fair. "Herschel Walker" trades are fair. Dumping players and collusion is not. Fairness will be decided by the Commissioner and he reserves the right to veto a trade.

No trades may be made for cash, future considerations, or a player or pick to be named later.

The final trading deadline is after the completion of week 10. All trades must be consumated prior to the end of the Monday night game of week 10.

B. Free Agents

Owners may obtain a maximum of 2 NFL players every two weeks who are not on any team's roster. Free agents will be awarded through a system of waiver submissions.

Following the end of each even numbered NFL week (defined as the conclusion of the Monday night game for weeks 2, 4, 6, etc.), each NG2_FFL team will be allowed to make claims for free agents. The claims will be awarded in reverse order of fantasy record. In the event of teams having the same record, tie breakers will be decided in the same manner as described in the section 9.

To sign a free agent, a team must email or phone a free agent request to the Commissioner prior to 8:00pm on Wednesday of the week free agents are eligible for selection. The Commissioner will then determine the free agent acquisitions made by all teams. In weeks where there are games on Thursday, the free agent submission deadline is 8:00pm on Tuesday.

Once a free agent has been awarded to a team by the Commissioner, the free agent acquisition cannot be refused.

If a team's roster exceeds 14 players once a free agent is acquired, it must waive sufficient players prior to the next week's starting lineup deadline to return to 14 players.

Players waived by a team are not eligible for free agent pickup by another team until the next available free agent acquisition period.

The last week for available free agent acquisitions will be following the end of week 12 (prior to the beginning of week 13).

9. Tie Breakers

There will be no tie breakers for individual games during the regular season. Regular season games may end in a tie and they will be recorded as such in the standings.

Ties in playoff games will be decided by points scored by bench players. In the event the game is still tied, the winner will be decided by the team with the most total yards (passing, rushing and receiving) by each starting lineup. If a game continues to be tied after using starting lineup total yards, the winner will be decided by the team with the most total yards (passing, rushing and receiving) by each team's bench players.

To decide ties in regular season standings for the purpose of playoff positions, the following tie breakers will be used in order:

  1. Most overall points
  2. Head to head record
  3. Head to head points
  4. Coin toss

10. Injured Reserve

There is no injured reserve. If a player is injured, the Owner has the option of waiving him and sending him to the free agent pool or simply riding out the injury.

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