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Morrison Machine Wins First Ever NG2 Championship!

Congratulations to Morrison Machine who took home the first ever NG2 Championship this past weekend with an extremely narrow victory over Hamburglar, 84-82.

Injuries, as they have all year, played a key role in the outcome of this game. Hamburlgar was down to a single runningback as neither James Stewart or Tim Biakabatuka suited up in week 16. For Morrison Machine, both starting runningbacks Ricky Watters and Corey Dillon left midway through their games after accumulating minimal points.

Perhaps the biggest difference though was the unexpected play of Cris Carter. Carter has been Hamburglar's biggest star all year but he was supposed to be out for week 16 with an ankle sprain. Therefore, he was on the bench when owner Dave Bernard submitted his lineup. Unfortunately for Dave, Carter played and racked up 19 huge points that not only went to waste but also took away from the point potential for starting wide receiver Randy Moss.

With only a 2 point margin of victory, obviously every 10 yards and score counted for both clubs. The star of the game was WR Patrick Jeffers for Morrison Machine who picked up 28 points. Here is a run-down of each team's starting lineup:

Morrison Machine
Dave Bernard
Scott Morrison
Warner,Kurt STL 25
Flutie,Doug BUF 12
Bettis,Jerome PIT 19
Dillon,Corey CIN 5
Stewart,James JAX 0
Watters,Ricky SEA 8
Chrebet,Wayne NYJ 12
Ismail,Raghib DAL 2
Morton,Johnnie DET 4
Jeffers,Patrick CAR 28
Moss,Randy MIN 9
Robinson,Marcus CHI 9
Williams,Roland STL 6
Lafleur,David DAL 9
Christie,Steve BUF 7
Gramatica,Martin TB 11
Starter Points = 82
Starter Points = 84

3rd Place Game

In the battle of the prior week's semi-final losers, Double Big Mac defeated Bombers 111-102. There were no starting lineups submitted for this game. Just the highest potential points determined the winner. As it turned out, quarterbacks Jim Harbaugh and Jon Kitna strutted their stuff by scoring more than the normal starters for each club.


Thank You

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making this season a most enjoyable experience. I hope everyone had fun and learned a little bit about the ups and downs of fantasy football. I look forward to us going head to head again next year for the NG2 title.

- Mike

Championship Match-Up

Hamburglar 82
Morrison Machine 84

3rd Place Match-Up

Double Big Mac 111
Bombers 102
Playoff Semi-Final Results

Morrison Machine 118
Double Big Mac 107

Bombers 67
Hamburglar 79
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