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    This site is made by the creator of MLB Showdown 2001.  This site should get the same kind of ratings or better.  As I learn information I will post it.  Most of the information is just rumors.  If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me at [email protected].


01/13/02  This is the first update of 2002!  I'm trying to figure out what else I can add to this site.  I am trying to get some people to submit decks.  They are working on it!  In some big news for NFL Showdown, First and Goal has become available!  Right I saw the best deal from that set is Kevin Long.  a Offensive Line Man from the Titians.  He has 14 Power, 11 Speed, 15 Run and Pass Block!  For only 140 points.  The play offs have started in the NFL.  Hopefully that won't slow down the movement of this game!  I have changed the Poll Question.  Also if you live in the San Diego area, I am thinking about starting tournaments or a league.  Let me know if you are interested.

12/14/01  First and Goal checklist is available at my checklist area of my site!  Be sure to check it out! has singles and packs on their site!  I also need articles for the Newsletter.  I'm out of stuff:-(.

12/09/01  First and Goal is out!!  Pictures can be found on ebay.  I am trying  to get a checklist done.  If you have any first and goal cards, get me the players, strats, and play card #'s, thanks!  I have added a new deck to the deck area.

12/02/01  Wizards of the Coast has released information about Focus Groups, for NFL Showdown.  These are groups that basically just talk about NFL Showdown.  To see the article, click here.  The release date for First and Goal is December 7th.  Remember to join the Newsletter for the latest news.  The question of the poll is changing.  The new question is "What is the stat most called on by Safety?"

11/19/01  Sorry that I haven't been updating this page.  I have been updating other stuff throughout the site though.  On the Message Board I added a "Site Updates" forum where I post what is updated.  I have also added a few more forums to post on.  They include: Dream Cards, Deck Rating, Strat Deck Help, Play Book Help, and Memorable Games.  Have Fun! Don't forget to join the Newsletter.  To leave on a "high note," the monochromes were shipped November 13th.  That's all I know about them.  The card of the week is in its 5th week with London Fletcher of the Rams.

10/24/01  I have some really great news.  If you e-mail Wizards of the Coast.  Ask them about a 62 card non foil set.  They will give you a response saying send them your address.  If you do this, you will receive a 62 card set of the foils as Non Foils.  The e-mail address is: [email protected].  Good luck and let me know when you get yours.  I can't wait!

10/13/01  I have started Card of the Week, which originated in Andrew's MLB Club.  Just send in who you think it should be by posting on the club.  This week it is Rodney Harrison.  I have not received any decks for the deck section.  Just send me a e-mail with the team name, points, and players.  You can also give me your Play Books and Strategy Decks.

10/10/01  I added pictures for some of the commons, about 1/5 of them.  I added the pictures for Culpepper, Garner, James, and Stussie.  I also added 1 more error card.

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