Goose Berry Beach, just minutes away from our house. Relax in the water or stroll along the beach.
Bird Sanctuary
Castle Hill
Placentia Church
Take a walk along the beach , dip your toes into the Atlantic Ocean or stroll along the pond .Whatever you do and where ever you go you are sure to find a treasure.
Placentia Bay is acommunity made up of small towns with exciting things to do and interesting places to explore.
Ducks relaxing in Pt. Verde pond
A lost crab an exciting find for somebody
Relaxing sounds of the ocean  everywhere for your enjoyment
Explore the walkways of Castle Hill, see the many artifacts inside the underground visitor centre. Very interesting to all ages.
Bring a lunch and have a picnic at  one of many picnic sites.
Words can't describe how interesting this place is. Click the link below and find out for youself, better yet  go visit there.
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