Well hello there!
Welcome to my space in cyberspace!

This is the place where you will get to read all, or at least some about me, my cats and my guinea pigs. I might even throw in a few lines here and there about my fishes, just for good measure.

Chances are that you will also stumble across some of my Oz fanfiction stories and maybe some other fun stuff.

Once again, welcome, and enjoy your stay!
"Now reapeat after me: "birds are friends, not dinner, birds are friends, not dinner, birds are...Oh who am I kidding?!"
"I'd like to see you stuff me in a cage now you b**tards! Moahahahahah!"
Click on the guineapig to see my little munchkins.
Click on the cat to see, you guessed it, my kitties.
NEWS! The first litter of Guineapigs in this home has been born!
To go to the nursery click
I recently started working with Photoshop, putting text to images. I was supposed to make icons of them, but found the format of icons too small to work with, so here is the "raw" works I've done so far. As usual, just "click on the pic"!
"Now presenting, NEMO-the amazing flying fish!"
Click on Nemo and he will deliver an air express e-mail to me from you.
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