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U.S.S. Trident

NX 68000


Captain Liz Shelby

What The Trident Sees @ Warp 9.999

Bridge: Primary Hull


Crew: 600

Maximum Warp: Warp 9.999

Cruise Velocity:

Primary Hull: Warp 5

Secondary Hull:

Warp 8


* Secondary Ablative Armor Generators

* Interphase & Quantum Torpedoes

* 8 - Type 10 Phaser Strips (4 Dorsal + 4 Ventral)

* 4 (Forward) Phaser Cannons

Auxiliary Vehicles:

1 - Shuttle Cavanaugh

(Prevaricate-Class Tactical Scout)

1 - Danube-Class Runabout

1 - Stinger-Class (Experimental) Captain's Yacht

(* Located Along The Keel.)

Shuttlebay 2: Secondary Hull


[Nexus Fleet]

Captain Nick Knight leads a community of Vampires on Deep Space Arc - a virtual ghetto & shameful reminder of the old Sanctuary Districts from before The Bell Riots. It also guards an unstable region of subspace that hosts portals to alternative universes (in some cases.) A home for Earth's persecuted supernatural refugees of World War 3 & The Eugenics Wars. People hunted by everyone from Admiral Sadie to Sloan of Section31; & others, who still can't let go of the belief there's a Vampire conspiracy. Sentient beings who've been unimaginably violated in Genetic Engineering experiments, or fled homeworlds transformed by The Genesis Wave & rogue Klingon Warriors who honestly believe the Khitomer Accords should never have been signed.

Solaria III - D.S.A. Colony

I.K.S. Blackraven

Klingon High Council

Liaison Vessel


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