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The Nexus Links

Refreshed for your surfing pleasure! Any errors in linkage not
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First the Authors...

The Lurkerdrome: A very talented writer. Check out his new series, Dragonball Theta. ^_^

Furinkan.net: The first anime fanfiction I've ever read. All of it's good, and my current favorite is newRanma.

Ryan Anderson's Fanfition Site: Purple Haired Destiny, A Tale of Two Wallets, and the host of Aikan Muyo.

Sean Gaffney's Fanfics: Made of Stone, Complete Control, and a nice fanfic drinking game on his page.

Jeff Hosmer's Rogue Gallery: One Half the writing team behind Sailor Moon Z, and a great writer. Now if we can only get him to finish his works...

Bilesu's Fiction Page: The other half of Sailor Moon Z, creator of the Dance of Shiva, and one of the best author's I know.

Stories By Chris Davies: His stories are darkish, but very good. Together Again is huge, but worth the read.

The Phoenix Den: Lines of Destiny is one of his best, and he's also got a link page to a lot of people.

One-Shot's Page: Way too many to list, but well worth a look.

Andrew Huang's Page: Evanjellydoughnut. Nuff' Said.

Zushi's Page: Host A Duet of Pigtails, The Nocturne Saga, and a lot of images.

Julian Soulard's Page: Boy Meets Girls, A Wolf in Nerima, and a very funny basketball tournament.

'Doc' Person Mui's Page: Anime Detective is still one of my favorites.

Donny's Anime Fanfic Archive: Ranma is the dominant, with a nice crossover of Dragonball Z

Fire's Fanfics: Destiny's Child, Kind Angel's Thesis, and the first Ranma/Sailor Moon crossover I've ever seen that's completed.

Android 18's Fanfics: Some Sailor Moon, a dash of Chrono Trigger, a touch of Dragonball Z and Street Fighter, and a thoughtful amount of a crossover.

Dark Alpha's G3 Fanfic Studio: Eva, Sailor Moon, and Ranma can be seen here.

Kunoichi's Webpage: Ranma Nibunoichi: The Wedding, one of the biggest lemons out there, and home of the Church of Ryouga.

Dot's Concept Space: Dragonball Z with,*gasp* plot!

Disruptor's Homepage: Ranma Genie of the Ring, Dema-Fa, Setsuna's Secret, and others.

Fanfics by Angus MacSpon: Autumn and Spring, The Replacement Ranmas, and a good deal of Spamfiction.

Henry J. Cobb's Fanfics: Ranma, Ah Megami-Sama, Uresei Yatsura, and more spamfiction.

Ken Arromdee's Fanfiction: Tendo 2/3, Angels Heaven and Earth, Sailor Moon Future, and more.

Bloody Paintbrush Inc: A lot of Eva and Ranma crossovers. I recommend Alternate Future.

Ammadeau's Fanfiction: Another page of crossovers.

Jim Lazar's Fanfiction: Home of The Garden of Eva and the Modern Dynasty Series.

Aa! Ranma Muyo: Fate and Destiny Homepage: A good deal of crossovers.

Sofaspud's Couch: The host of Girls Days, Redheads, Downward Spiral, and more.

Dreiser's Fiction: Scenes from an Elevator is one of the first Utena fics I've seen, and also one of the funniest.

M Productions: The More Things Change, The Surreal World, and others.

Kichigai's Page: A funny author, artist, and trusted prereader.

Platypus3333 Eva Fiction: His Eva stories are funny, even if you're confused. Internet Explorer highly recommended.

Asayogure's Anime Archives: Home of Ranma Gets a Clue.

D.B. Sommer: His works can be found here. ^_^

Barry's Anime Page: Home of Half a Sorcceress: A Ranma/Slayers crossover.

SKJAM'S Fiction: Misconception, Sequence, and Sauce, the story that started the 'Revengefic' craze.

The Ultimate Codex of Twoflowerian Fiction: He's witty. He's amazing. He's... Twoflower, one of the infamous Gods of Fanfiction.

Bryan's Fiction: Ranma's Curse, The Wish, and more.

Richard Lawson's Fanfics: A writer with a talent to draw your emotions. Read Urges, Thy Inward Love, or That Time Will Come if you don't believe me.

Bloodblade's Page: Lots and lots of Ranma here.

Gregg Sharp's Page: Another host of The Bet, and Featherbrite's Tale.

David's Fanfiction Library: Returning Home, Final Chaos 1/2, Darkened Images, and more.

Improfanfic: Kinda like a flashlight story over a campfire, only with 40-100 plus people telling the story, and POCKY!! WAI!!

Anime by Persistence Fanfiction: Some very intriguing Evangelion perspectives here.

Mike's Fanfics: The home of Mirror Mirror.

Megane 6.7 Fanfiction: Widely known as a very funny MSTer of fanfics, his home domain of his own fiction resides here.

The Queen of Swords: A lot of good fiction. Gourrigan's Island is definately worth a look.

LeeKing Works: Ranma, Eva, crossovers, a very nice Rei Ayanami/Usagi Tsukino pic, and more.

KaraOhki's Pagoda: If there's one thing to be said about her, it's that she takes up a lot of challenges. Well worth a look in my opinion.

HKMiller's Fanfiction: Conductor of Sketches of Tenchi, and Much Ado About Ranma.

And now on to the Individual Fics...

Paradise Lost: An Eva/Ranma crossover with Ryouga as the First Child, and Gendo with directional problems.

Zelgadis on the Couch: Fun, sorcery, Xelloss' kids...Xelloss' kids??? Well, you know to click on to find out more, right?

Slayers Virtual: It's Lina Inverse like you've never seen her before: With a nine to five. Of course, there's much more, so click on to find out.

FAQing Hostile: Remember MadMax? Well, this little (well, not so little) Improfanfic replaces a few elements. The Pikachu is the best character, and definitely not what you're used to.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Ranma: The scouts are not in right now. There replacements will be Akane, Ukyo, Kodachi, Ranma...

Sailor Moon Z: Negaverse to the left, Zodiac to the right, and the senshi in the middle. New allies, more enemies, and a lot of laughs and short skirts.

Aikan Muyo(No need for Sadness and Joy): One of the best written dramas I've ever seen. Warning, it's loaded with citrus; lemon that is.

A Feather in the Wind: A rather heart-warming Ryouga tale with a new character.

I'm Here to Help: Another Sailor Moon Favorite. We all know they fight evil right? What happens when we get the story from evil's point of view?

The Slayers Trilogy: The infamous work of Twoflower. Slayers Reflect, Slayers Chaos, and Slayers Rebirth. You have no choice, reading is MANDATORY. ^_^

Past, Present, and Uncertainty: The official sequel to Boy Meets Girls, the popular DBZ/Sailormoon crossover by Julian Soulard.

A Duet of Pigtails: What's that? Another host of the marrage of Ranma Saotome and Hikaru Shidou? With Updates? Go see to find out...

Children of an Elder God: From the brain meld of RpM and Bilesu, comes an odd twist on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Neon Exodus Evangelion: Another Alternative, and my favorite Eva story to date. Maybe because Shinji isn't the focus? hmmm...

Evangelion R: A different take on what might have occured without End of Evangelion.

Dark Queen's Reign Bombadil's Dark Lemon work of the return of Reiko. Also hosted at the Sakura Fanfiction Archive.

The Taming of a Horse: A story that goes to show that 'How To' books can be helpful from time to time.

Oh, did I forget the archives of fiction?

The Sakura Lemon Fanfic Archive: This is a host of fiction that is not meant for those who haven't reached the age of 18, so if you don't fit that criteria, then head this way.

The FFML Mini Archive: This is one of the places you can catch the fiction that comes through the Fanfiction Mailing List.

SVAM: Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings Home to the many fics that were made better on the funny side of the track.

The Evangelion Fanfic Archive No longer being updated, but I don't think there's a bigger holder of Eva fiction around.

Tass's Ranma Fanfic Archive Almost a carbon copy of the Ranma fiction on the RAAC archive, with a few additions.

Tenchi Muyo! Fanfic Arcive GenSao's home of one of everyone's favorite bachelors.

RAAC Fanfic Archive The biggest anime fiction archive I know.

A Sailormoon Romance Sailormoon hosting at your pleasure.

And then there are my media links...

[LINK:Anime MASTER - Pics, Logos, Video, Multimedia + More!]

Sailor V's Screen Captures

Rei Ayanami's Shrine

Mamano Hunter Yohko's Sight and Sounds

Makoto button


Sephiroth Alpha's NGE Image Gallery

EZoft Logo

Mercury and More

Chibi Usa Grows Up!

ChibiChibi's Nook

The Tuxedo Mask Shrine

You've also got the other pages I frequent...

Takeshiro's page: Anime Movie information for Evangelion, Sailormoon, DBZ...

Tenel Ka's Star Wars Universe: Neechan's site. Lots of Han Solo pictures.

Megatokyo: An odd off comic featuring the adventure's of gamers, anime fans, sex, drugs, and violence... Well, there's violence, and then some gaming, and all the guys are fanboys... ^_^;

Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies: You want reviews? He's got your reviews...

Exploitation Now: Philosophy in a shot glass. ^_^

And now we come to a lot of information and how to websites...

Hitoshi Doi's page: A guru of Shoujo anime/manga info. This is the prime for finding out a lot for Sailormoon, Hime-chan no Ribbon, Fancy Lala...

The Sailormoon Manga Hideaway: Info, sites, and sounds on your favorite senshi, manga style.

The Escaflowne Compendium: One of my new favorite series has a home that's worthy of it.

The Slayers Universe: You want it, you got it. More information on characters, spells, releases, music, and races than you can shake a Ragna Blade at.

The Ranma FAQ: Nuff Said.

Embrace Eva: An information shrine for one of the most controversial anime ever made.

Dragonball Dimension: Lots of info, including why the characters names are plays on food and instruments.

Cephiro: The place where your search for knowledge determines everything.

HTML Tutorials at Htmlgoodies.com: Where you can pick up your basic webwritting ablilties. Highly recommended for those starting out on a webpage.

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike

The Broken Links

Mark Doherty's Fiction FOUND IT. ^_^

The Main Jump Point BROKEN LINK

Rowan's Sanctuary FOUND IT. ^_^

Lei's Fanfiction SITE SHUT DOWN

Fanfiction Paradise SITE SHUT DOWN

Sailormoon Gallery of Pictures BROKEN LINK

Andromeda's Manga Illusion BROKEN LINK

Real Anime Homepage BROKEN LINK

The Flashman's Flashpoint BROKEN LINK

The Lost World of Ryouga BROKEN LINK

Zen's Fanfiction SITE IS DOWN

SDAT: An Eva Fanfic Database SITE IS DOWN

AnimeManiac's Page MISSING LINK

Al's Realplayer Page MISSING LINK

The Vegan Anime Temple MISSING LINK

Sailor Moon Romance Club (MISSING LINK)

Silver Moon's Hallway of Images MISSING LINK

Site Down. If you have any info, mail me.

As always, more will be added. E-mail me with a page content description if you want to become a part of this little corner of the world!

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