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Under Construction........  This Page started on 2/11/02
Recent News: 2/28/02

   Hi everyone. I added a new section to the site. It's called Caption This! so go check it out!! I posted the article from the Jacksonville Daily News. If anyone else has an article related to NP, please e-mail it to me at
[email protected] . I also added a few more wallpapers of Mike and Matt. I'm working on new ones of Nunzio, Travis, and Chris, so check back this weekend and I should have them posted by then.   
   Next Page is finishing out their Hit Home tour in Kentucky. Hopefully they will come back to North Carolina sometime in the near future!! Here are the latest concert dates:
                         Cloversport, Kentucky
                               02/28/02 Cloversport School
                         Nicholesville, Kentucky
                               03/01/02 Eidessomine Middle School
                         Versailles, Indiana
                               03/02/02 South Ripley High School

Recent News: 2/22/02

    Hey guys. Well, there isn't much new stuff. Just a few more wallpapers. I'm working on one of Matt right now. I'm getting Don to scan the Next Page article from the Sunday newspaper. Don't know if I'll put it up on the site or not, but if you want it, just e-mail me at
[email protected] and I'll send it to ya!
    Hmm, well Next Page is now back in Kentucky. They will be performing at Overdale Elementary School tonight. I know everyone who is going will have a great time!!

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