So you want Information huh?
Okay, Well...

First of all..*takes a deep breath*......This site is about the boy band group called NextPage, even though
they aren't signed yet, they are definately going to hit the top of the charts someday.  This is a fan site dedicated to NextPage, I am working on it with my friend Allison because she is a huge fan of Mike..*coughs* I mean NextPage...Anyway, this site is basically an informational site, and a site for eye candy for the ladies out there.
As NextPage continues their Hit Home Tour, they are quickly increasing in popularity.  As I am only doing this for Allison, so that she'll never lose her pictures she took at the concert.  All she has to do is go to this site. =)

So...if you have any comments or questions, email me at
[email protected], or go to my profile page and look at my contact listings.

I did most of this work on this website, because Allison is still getting learning how to use the most simple, and easy to use Yahoo Pagebuilder.  o_o....

Well, I wish good luck to NextPage so when they become huge pop stars like Nsync, so like, I could benefit or something from the autograph they signed for me.  Nah, I'm just kidding.  They're alright.  But I still think they need more songs on their CD before they start selling it.

Oh yeah, if you want to purchase their CD that is coming out on Valentines day, go to their website
here, for more information.

I would also like to apologize if I'm violating any type of Copyright laws, I've checked many times on their site, and didn't find anything, so if I'm not supposed to use them, please let me know. 

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